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For Guilin inventory tree view extension (ODLUX Inventory enhancement with treeview) the data-provider (Data-Provider) is getting a new extension.


  • Provide a function to analyse a database with inventory entries
  • Provide filter function to filter on device level or inside device at different tree-level
  • The function provides back tree lists of inventory id's  according to given filter
  • Additionally a correlation to equipment alarm severity is provided.
  • The id's of the result can be used for data-provider's request to get the concrete data


  • Additional API with URL for POST "/tree/read-inventory-tree"
  • The request provides back a list of equipment id's according to the request filter
  • Two filter levels:
    1. URL path : Points to a subtree of elements that are search by filter in query-body
    2. query-body with textual or field specific search.
  • Delivers back all inventory id's for the given URL/path query-body filter
  • Use data-provider api "inventoryequipment" to get inventory data for an id

Extension of data-provider Web-API in Guilin:

requestScope to apply query-body tokey-level-0
GET|POST /tree/read-inventory-tree/All equipment entries in the database for every node-idnode-id
GET|POST /tree/read-inventory-tree/{nodeId}All Equipment under node with "nodeId"uuid (tree-level=0)
GET|POST /tree/read-inventory-tree/{nodeId}/{uuid-level-0}All Equipment under node "nodeId" and next level equipment with "uuid-level-0"uuid (tree-level=1)

Example 1: Query-body with text if POST-request


Example 2: Converted to an database (Elasticsearch) query (search through all properties)

POST /alias/doctype/_search
  "query": {
    "query_string": {
      "default_field": "*",
      "query": "*searchfor*"

Example 3: Response

         "label":"1.0 Shelf",
             "{key-level-1}": {

databaseId to be used for data-provider api "inventoryequipment" to get all information

isMatchtrue if query matches any property of the db entry


Node-Id if it's a node, uuid if it's an equipment

for future use:


Actual severity of this piece of matching equipment

childrenSeveritySummaryActual severity level of child equipment

1 Comment

  1. Parameters supected required for treeView:

    • leaf tree-level
    • leaf parent-uuid
    • leaf uuid
    • leaf-list contained-holder