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Kista 11-14 of June.

Planned session:

  • Short term and long term improvements. Followup on ongoing activities. El Alto planning. 
  • API Documentation Eric Debeau : lessons learnt from existing Documentation. Proposal to verify API compliancy and to use another visualistaion tool for API documentation 
  • Security and Documentation Eric Debeau , Natacha Mach , Pawel Pawlak : How to better document the various ONAP components and their open ports.
  • Archi and Documentation Stephen Terrill : how to join efforts for a better documentation. Architecture project started to describe functional view of various ONAP components. How can we ruse it for official documentation ?
  • End to End Documentation Andreas Geissler Thomas Kulik Eric Debeau : How to better describe how to use ONAP
  • Structure of  Documentation Andreas Geissler Thomas Kulik : Proposal for discussion (see here; please download and open in browser)
  • Review of documentation milestones & documentation release process Jim Baker Catherine Lefevre


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