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Windriver/POD25 Lab access

  1. Install openvpn from here:
  2. Check if your name is in the DCAE section of this page: Integration / Developer Lab Access
  3. If it is, you should have received an email from Stephen Gooch with a 7zip file 
    Note: Typically it could take 3-5 days for lab owner to provision the request; if you haven't received response after a week, you can send a follow-up email to Gooch, Stephen <> with ticket details.
  4. If not:
    • open a ticket at ONAP Jira (OPENLABS) with the subject "Openlab access for <Your Name> <your LF ID> <your email>". 
    • Request access for the DCAE and Integration tenants (below are list of current tenants available).
  5. The 7zip file which you received via email should look similar to this:


  6. Unpack the 7zip file and you find 2 files:

    login.txt  pod-onap-01.ovpn

  7. Edit the ovpn profile file
    • If you need to connect via proxy:  

      In the ### Proxy support ### section, add something like the following (your local proxy configuration may vary)

      http-proxy <your proxy fqdn> <your proxy port> authproxy.txt basic http-proxy-retry
      authproxy.txt should include your proxy login/password (if applicable) 

    • Comment out the line "auth-nocache":


  8. Connect to the windriver lab openvpn: 

    1. sudo openvpn --config pod-onap-01.ovpn 

      You should see something like this when you are connected:

      Wed Oct 5 1:42:21 2018 us=9653 Initialization Sequence Completed

    2. Open vpn client 
       Windows: Install the Open VPN client 
       Import pod-onap-01.ovpn                      
       Select Connect 
  9. You can connect to the web interface at  Enter your username and password from the login.txt file:

    Choose "DCAE" from the dropdown at the top of the page:

ONAP private key : onap_dev  (save this locally; as this will be required to ssh into ONAP lab VM's)

Example : ssh -i ~/onap_dev  ubuntu@

Update 1/13/2020

Due to recent Intel/Windriver lab migration to new datacenter VPN-IP should be changed on .ovpn file (if provided before migration)

From  remote 443

To: remote 443

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  1. In response to an access slack question

    Yes, get yourself an account by raising a ticket like the following OPENLABS-75 - Getting issue details... STATUS , If you already have access - I only tested using it off any corporate network (from home or on your cell hotspot)