The scope of this page is to maintain the approved list of ONAP specific non-MANO artifact set identifiers. This page is required to be long-live.

The ONAP TSC is the organization that owns the non-MANO artifacts set.  The ONAP official contact is

The editing of this page is limited to Michela Bevilacqua and Andrei Kojukhov


According to ETSI SOL004 v.2.5.1, every non-MANO artifact set shall be identified by a non-MANO artifact set identifier (TAG) which shall be registered in the ETSI registry.

ETSI registry of non MANO artifact set identifier is available in ETSI wiki

Set identifiers can be public or private. ONAP as a public community initiative decided to introduce a set of public identifiers.

Non-MANO artifact sets shall be declared in the manifest file. If the package contains at least one non-MANO artifact set, an entry named "non_mano_artifact_sets:" shall be present in the manifest file on its own line after the "metadata" section.

All files belonging to the same non MANO artifact set shall share a common path prefix (e.g. multiple yang module files will share the same set identifiers).


The following table contains the public non-MANO artifact set identifiers which can be used in a PNF/VNF onboarding package per ONAP releases. The relevant examples of using the artifact tags are following the table

ONAP Release where the artifact ID is initially introducedNon-MANO artifact IDDescription

Reference ( R-146092 )

(“The published version link shall be updated after Frankfurt release”)

 Dublinonap_ves_eventscontains VES registration files for handling external events

The latest requirements:



See the below example and clarifications in 5G - FM Meta Data / 5G - PM Dictionary

onap_pm_dictionarycontains the PM dictionary files used for Performance Management

The latest requirements: 


See the usage in 5G - FM Meta Data / 5G - PM Dictionary

onap_yang_modulescontains Yang module files for configurations 

The latest requirements:



See the usage in 5G - Configuration with NETCONF

onap_ansible_playbookscontains any ansible playbooks

The latest requirements:


See the usage in 5G - PNF Software Update

onap_otherscontains any other non_MANO artifacts, e.g. informational documentsnoneSee about its usage in 5G - PNF Pre-Onboarding & Onboarding
 Frankfurtonap_pnf_sw_information PNF software version

The latest requirements:


See about its usage in

Enable Service Level LCM Operations


Example 1 (Dublin Release)

In the picture below, an example of a PNF onboarding package including a manifest file with URI's for non-MANO artifacts used in Dublin

NOTES about the example: Folder/file name MANDATORY according to  SOL004:

  • TOSCA-Metadata directory and TOSCA.meta file (unique CSAR package structure supported in ONAP Dublin)
  • Manifest file extension,,  located at the root or in a location identified in the .meta file. The name of the file is the same of the TOSCA yaml file

Ín the example the following files are not provided: 

  • ChangeLog.txt, a human readable text file at the root or in a location identified in the .meta file. (NOT PROVIDED IN THE EXAMPLE )
  • xNF testing procedure, NOT mandatory files according to ETSI
  • A license term file for the xNF located in a directory named Licences located at the root or in a location identified in the .meta file (NOT PROVIDED IN THE EXAMPLE )
  • certification files as they could differ according to the type of security option provided by the vendor (NOT PROVIDED IN THE EXAMPLE )

A reference PNF CSAR PACKAGE as example is available dummyPnfv2.csar to review directories structure and new .meta and .mf files format.

NOTES about the Dummy PNF CSAR PACKAGE example:

1) Only csar package structure with TOSCA-Metadata directory will be supported in Dublin timeframe

2) PM Dictionary, Event registration and Yang modules are the only NON MANO ARTIFACTS that will be listed in the manifest file

3) Multiple yang-module files the manifest file and in the dummy package with the intent to demonstrate that multiple files can be assosicated to a single keyword (according to ETSI SOL004)

4) Example package above does not include any certification file or other security options.

Example 2 (Frankfurt Release)

In the picture below, an example of a PNF onboarding package including a manifest file with URI's for non-MANO artifacts used in Frankfurt

A reference PNF CSAR PACKAGE as example is available dummyPnfv3.csar (TBD) to review directories structure and new .meta and .mf files format.

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  1. Hi, Andrei Kojukhov

    Based on latest ONAP TSC meeting , the new proposed non-MANO artifiact identifier (onap_pnf_sw_information) is approved.

    1. See status on ONAP TSC wiki TSC 2019-10-24.
    2. Also, I update the related wiki page for further step Proposal for PNF software version in PNF upgrade in Frankfurt release

    So, next step to register it into ETSI. Based on information on the wiki page, there is 'The registration process including creation of the registration template is described in the ETSI wiki'

    So, my question is 'from ONAP point of view, will you help to register new idenfitier(onap_pnf_sw_information)' on ETSI?  Or I can register it by myself?



  2. Hi Fei,

    I believe firstly the above table should be extended to Frankfurt release and the approved tag should be described with the reference to the wiki that clarify its use. I expect Michela would do so as one of the owners of this page.

    Second, I will create/extend an existing registration form and add the new tag so your colleagues in ETSI NFV would help me to promote the registration of this tag in ETSI.


  3. Thanks for your clarification, Andrei.

    I shall feedback to you with my colleagues name asap.



    1. I suspect this is Arturo Martin De Nicolas.

      1. yes, I got confirmation with him. You shall get support from him and I -(smile)