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Tuesday, September 26

Integration & Testing for Amsterdam: Status & Needs

Helen Chen
Eric Debeau

Start timestamp 00:42:50 (42:50)

No audio until 01:04:50 (64:50)

Usecase subcommittee

(brainstorm over definition, priorities, responsibilities, small group of people)

Alla Goldner

Carrier Grade Discussion

mazin gilbert


Carrier Grade Discussion

Pt 1. timestamp 02:32:09 (152:09)

Pt 2 timestamp 03:54:05 (234:05)

5G Use-Case deep dive

Vimal Begwani

Wednesday, September 27

Beijing (R2) Scope & Strategy

mazin gilbert
Phil Robb

timestamp 00:18:50 (18:50)

TOSCA Native Service Orchestration Design

DeWayne Filppi

(Continue from Tue)

R2: Non-functional requirements proposals

Alla Goldner
Chris Donley

ONAP service provision and activation system function


timestamp 00:24:10 (24:10)

TSC Meeting

mazin gilbert

timestamp 06:25:50 (385:50)

Integration Meeting (ONAP Installation Lab Session, R2 planning, any issues related to integration)

Helen Chen

Stephen Gooch

Yang Xu

Modeling Subcommittee

(Continue SDC requirement for R2, and OSM)

Hui Deng

Rittwik Jana

Lingli Deng

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