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Shankaranarayanan Puzhavakath Narayanan

Swaminathan S

N. K. Shankaranarayanan

Gueyoung Jung

Vikas Varma

Lukasz Rajewski

Sarat Puthenpura

Arthur Martella


ItemWhoTimeNotesFollow up actions/notes
Network Slicing

Discussed the feedback from the presentation to 5G use case committee yesterday.

OOF F-GPSGueyoung Jung

Gueyoung Jung presented an alternate view of how FGPS can be a library. Plan for next week to come up with a more detailed workflow involving AAI, Policy, and SO. Arthur Martella to help seed code onboarding, Invite IBM contributors to the weekly call. Shankaranarayanan Puzhavakath Narayanan to provide vCPE pointers as a follow up.

vCPE Homing Use Case

HAS (R2) Beijing Release planning

OOF R3 HPA & Cloud Agnostic policies

OOF-AAI Interaction in R2

Traffic DistributionLukasz Rajewski

Traffic Distribution Lukasz Rajewski to present a detailed example with APIs next week.