Ideally, in performing an audit, each set of data is completely independant. Today, not all data sources are able to return the required information from a service instance id, so the context builder has to do additional lookups to fill in the blank. These lookups are mostly to A&AI. Longer term it would be good to remove these dependencies

Context BuilderDependencyDescription
Network DiscoveryA&AIRelies on information from A&AI to decompose a service into its components - VM, etc. The rest of the data is thrown away, but the ids of the contained resources are used in subsequent calls to network discover information.

Queries A&AI for nodes-query:

  1. if the node-type is (not vFW AND not vDNS) it does a GENERIC-RESOURCE-API call to SDNC with the provided service-instance-id
  2. if the node-type is (vFW OR vDNS) it does a SECOND call to A&AI for network/generic-vnfs to get the module-id that are used in the VNF-API calls to SDNC
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