Plug and Play Co-Demoing

Co-Demoing Companies: Ericsson, Nokia, CommScope

Showing directly from OWL (Open Wireless Lab / 5G COSMOS) small VM without VPN


Size needed - 2-4 cores, 8GB of RAM, 100 GB Disk.

What to Demo: Nokia would demonstrate the "basic" PnP flow (which was demonstrated a while ago)

Then Ericsson would demonstrate the NetConf (Step 37) part.

PnP PNF Onboarding Process in R5, show artifacts of an existing resource already onboard. use VID to trigger instantiation of service. Show via logs onboarded. Link to onboarding

Demo Time Break-down:

45 min overall;

6 min overview slides "Spokesperson" Benjamin Cheung PnP w/ simulator (2 slides)

11 min per vendor (33 min): Nokia (Lead show base PnP), Ericsson (NetConf), Comscope

6 min for questions

Bulk PM Co-Demoing

Co-Demoing Companies: Ericsson, Nokia, CommScope & NEC

What to Demo: Taking the lead to demonstrate basic Bulk PM. Nokia will show Bulk PM based on FTPES server.

Demo Time Break-down:

55 min Overall

6 min overview slides "Spokesperson" Mark Scott or Oskar Malm (2 slides)

14.33 min per vendor (43 min) Ericsson (Lead) & Nokia, NEC

6 min for questions

Time & Planning

Rutgers (OWL)

18 min PnP > 45 min 

22 min Bulk PM > 55 min

(Mention) Basic Fault/Basic Config

20min OOF SON > 20 min

10min WG4 Open FH M-Plane > 10 min

20min buffer time, next steps, wrap-up, director of WINLAB > 20 min

Each vendor should do Pre-recording (showing their full demo) as fall-backs.  Trial Runs.

Thu Dec 5 10AM-11:30AM EDT / Live.

Demo, Discussion in Morning. Panel in Afternoon.

Demos would in Vendor Labs or in OWL. WINLAB.

Director of WINLAB at the end.

Demos in Parallel?

Time Concern

Would it be possible to Demo in Parallel? Would that be possible? WebEx. Run Parallel webEx Recordings.

Worthwhile, if it can be done smoothly.

Time Concern. 9:00 - 11:30 instead (2.5 hours 150min) of 10-11:30 or 2-days instead of 1 day.

Panel Discussion

Auditorium in Middletown NJ, Thursday Afternoon 2-4 PM Videotaping. Widow display/Talking heads. Talking remotely. Video of demo.

Getting Access to the Labs

How to get Access to the Labs

SDN-R Proof-of-concepts




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