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5G RAN-related use cases in Honolulu

Note: Contact persons denote only ONAP contacts as of now. It has to be extended to include O-RAN/O-RAN SC contacts also.

JiraDescriptionO-RAN Dependency/CollaborationO-RAN SC Dependency/CollaborationContact PersonsUse Case realization records
REQ-457Extend ORAN A1 support - HonoluluNone, will use O-RAN A1-AP v2.0 specificationAlignment/collaboration needed with O-RAN SC Non-RT RIC project
REQ-429Use Case for ONAP-based SON for 5G networksAvailability of O1 yang modelsNone, could explore collaboration with O-RAN SC components for e2e demo
REQ-440E2E Network Slicing use case requirements for Honolulu release
  • Availability of O1 yang models
  • Availability of O2 specification (stretch goal, needed beyond H-release)
  • Collaboration on overall RAN Slicing concept, handling of FH and MH, Closed Loop scenarios, etc.
Alignment/collaboration needed with O-RAN SC Near-RT RIC project
REQ-427Configuration Persistence Service in R8None, O-RAN dependency for H-release to be covered by REQ-429 and REQ-440None
REQ-433ONAP/3GPP & O-RAN Alignment-Standards Defined Notifications over VES (Honolulu)

@Marge Hillis, Damian Nowak
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