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1- Brief Project Overview (brief as it should be known)

(References/links to existing documentations is highly encouraged for the purpose of keeping this document up to date)

2- New component capabilities for Guilin, i.e. the functional enhancements, if applicable

3- New or modified interfaces

4- If they are modified, are they backwards compatible?

6- Interface naming (point to an example)

7- Consumed API from other projects


API Dependency


8- Published API




9- Reference to the interfaces.

(Reference to the the swagger.json file(s) whenever possible)

10- What are the system limits?


11- Involved use cases, architectural capabilities or functional requirements.

12- Listing of new or impacted models used by the project (for information only).

  • Identify any High Level Information Model Requirements.   See: ONAP R7 Modeling High Level Requirements
    • Models based on information exchanges from Use Cases
    • Models documenting existing implementations
    • Forward looking models that may be implemented in future releases
  • Describe how exposed APIs are mapped to information models

(list all the relevant Jira tickets)

13-Test plan/Testing Strategy

  1. Unit Testing
  2. Dev-to-Dev Testing  and
  3. Integration

14- Any other details that are specific to this functional enhancement or UseCase.

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