Swaminathan Seetharaman

@Arda Akman (O-RAN)

Shankaranarayanan Puzhavakath Narayanan


@Henry Yu

Borislav Glozman

@Burcu Yargicoglu (O-RAN)

@Emmanuel Sarris

@Denise Provencher

@Dilip Krishnaswamy

Fei Zhang

@Ahila P

krishna moorthy

@Shinobu Nanba

Benjamin Cheung


  • Introduction and Context Setting
  • Transport Slicing Overview (ONAP)
  • RAN and Transport Slicing interactions (General)
  • O-RAN perspective
  • Next steps and deep-dive

Notes and Actions

  1. The slides presented in today's call is available at RAN_Slicing_and_Transport_Slicing_20200430.pptx.
  2. An overview of Transport Slicing was presented by Henry.
  3. Two options RAN Slicing (including fronthaul and midhaul) were discussed. O-RAN community prefers the first option - RAN slice sub-net is composed of RAN NFs, fronthaul and midhaul, and RAN NSSMF is responsible for entire RAN, while delegating transport related actions to Transport NSSMF.
  4. While we may choose one option as the first step, the interfaces should be standard and open enough to support both options.
  5. The next call will take place on May 14th, 2020.
20200430_1Discuss internally and finalize a proposal for RAN slice subnet (for Guilin release)Swami, Henry, Shankar
20200430_2Elaborate on the touch points between RAN and Transport slicingArda, Swami, Shankar, Henry


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