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  1. What about expanding M4 from 12/13/2019 to (12/20/2019 or 12/23/2019)?
    This will give another week of development just before XMas break. We might even consider mid-January for M4, if we`d plan RC0 end of February.

    Note, that after M4, we currently have about 2 months(!) until RC0.

    1. I believe that would be too close to winter break, as many people take off for their holiday around mid-December. In fact, in today's PTL meeting, I received a suggestion from Pamela Dragosh that Dec 13 is too close to the holiday, so we should move it to January.  The extended period until RC0 is taking into consideration that we lose about 3 weeks in December and January to winter break and the last week in January to Chinese New Year.  So, that makes it effectively about 6 weeks.

  2. For Frankfurt I was missing RC2, on purose?

  3. Please provide more info re: "Wave 1 Container" milestone above.  This should be discussed at the PTL call.

  4. In the past, the milestone dates were the date of the TSC vote - so always on a Thursday.  The milestone dates above are on Tuesdays.  Is that the date when the Jiras need to be completed?

    1. M2/M3 was pulled back to Tuesday to avoid conflict with the start of Chinese New Year, which is at the end of the week.  This subsequently caused the following milestones to be moved to Tuesday, as well, due to dependency relationships.

  5. v.24 of schedule approved by TSC  TSC 2019-12-05