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ONAP Release 1 Release Planning Draft Proposal

ONAP Release 1 Planning Proposal Draft

Link to ONAP Release 1 planning PPT.

Release Calendar

Review MilestoneDateEvents
Kick-Off (Open Intent To Participate)M0May 4, 2017Planning process opens for all projects to submit their intent.
Project Submitted
May 15, 2017

All projects candidate for the first ONAP Release have to:

  1. use the Project Proposal Template
  2. post the proposal in the wiki at Proposed Projects
  3. inform ONAP TSC of their intention throught the ONAP TSC mailing list.
Project Approved
June 1, 2017The TSC has a goal to review and provide its disposition on all submitted projects proposal.
PlanningM1June 29, 2017

Planning process complete, all Project Deliverables are defined (including functional architecture, scope, dependencies,...)

Integration Team has defined the vendor Equipments list and the End 2 End Release Test Cases are fully defined.

The Document and Training teams have defined their plans. The packaging and installation strategy is defined.

To pass the M1 milestones, all approved projects have to:

  1. Fill out the Release Planning Template
  2. Fill out the Deliverables for Planning Milestone Checklist Template
  3. Post these 2 project deliverables in wiki.
Functionality freezeM2August 03, 2017

Functionality freeze, no new visible functionality is to be added to the current ONAP release.

Each Project team has defined and documented their Functional Test Cases.

The vendor equipments have been delivered.

A stable document describing the API is documented and available in wiki.

API FreezeM3August 24, 2017

API/data model freeze. Mark the end of API and Data Model change. API and Data Model are now Frozen.

Any changes to the API must be brought to the knowledge of the TSC for review and approval.

50% of Functional Test Case are automated.

Code FreezeM4Sept 14, 2017

Code Freeze. Mark the end of the Features coding.

Jira issues are either fixed in the current release or assigned to next release.

100% of Functional Test Case are automated.

End 2 End Release Test Cases are implemented (Integration Team).

IntegrationRC0Sept 28, 2017

Release Candidate 0

RCs are to ensure proper alignment and execution on End 2 End Release Test Cases and End 2 End functional Test Cases.

Project Team focused its effort on:

  1. supporting integration testing
  2. closing high priority defects
  3. supporting Documentation team

RC1Oct 12, 2017Release Candidate 1

RC2Oct 26, 2017Release Candidate 2
Sign-OffRelease DeliveryNov 2, 2017Target release date

Release Dependencies

API Dependencies

The source of information to generate this information are the data point gathered into the project Release Planning template.

The graph below represents API dependencies for M1 Release Planning projects.

ONAP Projects API Dependencies

ONAP Dependencies

Release Lifecycle

  • Release Lifecycle proposal draft. It provides a description of each of the above milestones and the activities to be implemented.

Release Templates


  1. Gildas, Nice diagram. I added an editable lucidchart diagram under your dependencies diagram (it looks like a jenkins generated artifact).  As I am getting 1.1 up and running into AA&I issues - ran into a deployment dependency between aai:model-loader-service and sdc:sdc-fe.  Don't know if your diagram includes all of deployment|compile|rest|jdbc dependencies.


  2. Gildas, Policy has a dependency on SO for their API for vLB Use Case. Also, Holmes does not call any Policy API's. Only CLAMP/DCAE call the Policy API's for R1.

    1. Pam,

      Regarding the dependency between Policy and SO, would you mind updating the Incoming API section of the policy release planning? That will help to ensure consistency. Currently, SO is not listed as a dependency.

      1. Done. Thanks for pointing this out!