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Release Schedule 

Approved by the TSC on October 21, 2021 (r6)

Activity Log

DateEvent or UpdateMilestones Affected
Nov 15Recommended sign off to the TSC.  Email vote launched.Sign Off
Nov 4The TSC delayed Sign Off to Nov 15. Off
Oct 21The TSC approved RC under the condition that the remaining tasks will be completed by Sign Off.  The TSC also approved moving the Sign Off date out one week to Nov 4 (r6).RC, Sign Off
Oct 18The TSC agreed that the requirements for RC were not reached.  Will review again during the TSC meeting on Oct 21.RC
Oct 14The TSC agreed that the requirements for RC were not reached.  Will review again during the PTL meeting on Oct 18, followed by an email vote.RC
Sept 16TSC approved M4 with conditions.M4
Sept 9Remaining M3 items closed M3
Sept 2TSC approved M3, conditioned on completion of remaining milestone tasks by M4M3
Aug 26TSC approved one week slip to M3.  No other milestones affected (r5).M3
Jun 23M2 approved by TSC, with exceptions, by email vote.M2
May 20M1 approved by TSC, with exceptions.  Details here.M1
May 10Added ONESummit dates to the schedule (r4) for reference.  (No changes to Istanbul release milestones from r3)None
May 6Approved by the TSC (r3)ALL
May 4

New proposal (r3) in response to feedback at May 3 PTL meeting

  • Collapsed 3 RCs into a single RC
  • Added more time from M4 to RC
  • Added an additional week between RC and sign off
  • Corrected dates for China National Day holiday. Should be 10/1 -8, instead of 9/27 - 10/1.
RC0, RC1, RC2
Apr 28New proposal (r2) in response to feedback from original proposal.M1 - Sign Off
Mar 18Proposal presentation to TSC.  Requested approval of just the kickoff date of April 1.  Other milestones to be discussed at a later date.  TSC approved kickoff date ONLY.M0
Mar 11Proposal presentation to TSC. TSC expressed concerns about the second half of the release occurring during the summer, which could conflict with summer holidays.  Proposal not approved.ALL
Mar 10Second draft
  • Added a new milestone  before M3
  • Previous "M3" becomes M4
  • Added event in June
  • Moved Honolulu sign off to April 8
Mar 4Initial draft postedN/A
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  1. Hi just some quick queries,

    What does the addition of M4 mean from a practical point of view? Are new images still to be branched by the end of M3 as in Honolulu? What can go into M4 now? Is this documented somewhere on this wiki?


    1. The PTLs wanted to see a separation between the completion of code reviews and container delivery.  So, the new M3 will mark the final date for code reviews, while M4 will mark the date for container delivery.  The detailed tasks for M3 will be worked out during Istanbul.  The tasks for the new M4 will largely stay the same as for the current M3.  

      A summary of the release process may be found here:  It still needs to be updated to include the new milestone.

      1. Thanks for that David. I'll keep an eye on that release process page.