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DateRevEvent or UpdateMilestones Affected
06/30/22r10The open items from the previous week were reviewed with the TSC. All had been resolved or deferred to the next release.  The TSC approved Sign Off by vote.Sign Off
06/27/22r10The remaining open items were reviewed during the PTL meeting.  Most were resolved or deferred to Kohn.  Some actions were assigned to clean up some minor items.  There were an insufficient number of TSC members on the PTL call, so the decision was made to defer the vote on sign off to the TSC meeting on June 30.Sign Off
06/23/22r10TSC determined that the release was not ready and pushed sign off to June 27.Sign Off
06/09/22r10TSC determined that the release was not ready and pushed sign off to June 23.Sign Off
06/02/22r9TSC determined that the release was not ready and pushed Sign Off to June 9.Sign Off

TSC pushed RC to May 12 and Sign off to June 2.  

Also added Ascension Day holiday on May 26

RC, Sign Off
03/31/22r7TSC conditionally approved M4M4
03/24/22r7TSC rescheduled M4 to Mar 31 due to lack of progress on M4 milestone tasks, as well as M3 tasks that were excepted on Mar 10. No other milestones affected.M4
03/10/22r6TSC approved M3 on the condition that remaining release management tasks be completed by M4.  See TSC meeting minutes for details.M3
03/03/22r6Removed erroneous eventNone

TSC agreed to slip remaining schedule, beginning at M3, by one week.

Also updated schedule to include DTF workshop in March.

M3, M4, RC, Sign Off
02/03/22r4TSC conditionally approved M2.  Details here:
01/27/22r4TSC approved 1 week slip to M2. Remainder of schedule is unchanged.M2
12/02/21r3TSC approved 1 week slip to M1.  Remainder of schedule is unchanged.M1
11/28/21r2Corrected dates for Dev & Test ForumNone
10/28/21r1TSC approved the Jakarta scheduleAll

Added continuous delivery view to the schedule, per the working group feedback and PTL meeting review.

(Magnus Buhrgard )


TSC approved schedule

Note:  milestone dates are approved, but there is interest in the community to change the appearance of the schedule to better communicate the agile aspect of the release process.  Magnus and Ciaran have launched a working group to develop a proposal for the TSC.  Therefore, although the dates are approved, the schedule remains "draft".


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