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A rudimentary utility for defining and running concurrent testsuite tests is available for execution in the Robot container.

The following is an example of the JSON definition of a loadtest that may be input into the utility.


"duration" : 300,
"cyclelength" : 150,
"profile" : [
[0, ["health"]],
[5, ["health"]],
[10, ["distribution", "health"]]

The meaning of this is 

  1. Run the profile for "duration" (300 seconds or 5 minutes)
  2. A single iteration over profile is "cyclelength" (150 seconds). cyclelength >= the accumulated profile time.
  3. Wait 0 seconds and initiate "health" test
  4. Wait 5 seconds and initate "health" test
  5. Wait 10 seconds and initiate a "distribution" and a "health" test
  6. Wait until end of cyclelength and start again until duration expires.

Invoking Load Test via

  • Upload profile file to robot VM /opt/eteshare to make it available to the Robot docker container in /share
  • Connect to docker container 

docker exec -it openecompete_container bash

  • cd to Robot home folder

cd /var/opt/OpenECOMP_ETE

  • Run the against the uploaded file (Note that duration and cyclelength may be overridden on the command line.)
 ./ -p /share/loadtest.json
  • Output is redirected to /share/logs/soak_<pid>.log or /opt/etehsare/logs/soak_<pid>.log so these can be tailed for progress.

Robot logs are written to subfolder  /share/logs/soak_<pid> or /opt/etehsare/logs/soak_<pid>

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