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vFW Usecase deployed on OOM

SO ↔  AAIPass

Integration team could proceed with the test

vFW Usecase deployed on OOM

SO ↔  LOG (ELK)in-Progress

SO-1110 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SO ↔  Multi cloud


Tested on OOF pod -

vFW Create/Query/Delete have been performed successfully in the OOF pod.
vFW Create tested with oof_directives - verified that flavor was replaced in Multicloud before stack instantiation.

Solved issues:

SO-1124 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SO-1139 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SO-1142 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SO ↔ VFC (deploy)Pass
SO ↔ SDCPass
SO ↔ OOFPass

Resolved: BLOCKED due to OOF/MUSIC Issues (We attempted to use OOF/OSDF without HAS/MUSIC) -

10/16 Tried updated OOM charts for Music/OOF - still seeing issues with pods initializing, have OOF team members troubleshooting

10/17 OOF pods are now coming up using a workaround for aaf-sms issue, however healthcheck is not passing, OOF team members are investigating. We are planning on sending some homing request from SO to OOF later in the day, once this issue is fixed and OOF is configured.

10/19 OOF team has resolved blocker and setup simulators to interface with OSDF. This should enable SO to test SO/OOF interface. Testing Resumes and will be updated today with results.

Resolved: BLOCKED due to "IP Pool for VPN Connections in the Integration Lab" Issue:

10/22 I was able to send a homing request for vFW from SO and receive a homing solution from OOF. Moving pairwise to pass. Since OOF (OSDF) is mocking communication with policy/HAS/AAI etc. testing of a real solution will resume in integration test when OOF is completely functional.

Tested in OOF project of pod-onap-01

Solved Issues: SO-1121 - Getting issue details... STATUS SO-1127 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Issues In Progress:

SO-1145 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SO ↔ VIDPass

VNF API - Pass

vFW Usecase deployed on OOM