Till Release 8 (Honolulu) the SON use case stored RAN configuration information in ConfigDB with ConfigDB APIs used by SDNR, SON-Handler MS, and OOF. This was based on a BBF Yang Model. During Release 8, we prepared to transition to CPS DB for an ORAN/3GPP-aligned solution which supports both SON and Network Slicing Use cases. For Release 9 onwards, the RAN network modelling approach uses two yang models/trees:

Primary model: ran-network

  • Fully aligned with ORAN/3GPP TS 28.541 NRM yang model
  • Modular sub-set of ORAN yang model
  • Same primary model for all RAN-related ONAP use cases

Secondary model: cps-ran-schema-model

  • Data which is not present in ORAN model, e.g., region-to-cell (CU) mapping, latitude/longitude of DU
  • Derived information for API/query efficiency, e.g., list of neighbor cells
  • Intent to have alignment/efficiency in secondary model for all RAN-related ONAP use cases

Need to maintain consistency of data in primary & secondary model

  • Based on CPS architecture
  • Current plan: Use TBDMT to read/write to both models at same time

Yang Files:

(lead: Sandeep Shah )

Primary Yang Model: ran-network

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Secondary Yang Model - cps-ran-schema-model yang model and yang tree



The legacy ConfigDB SON APIs used till Release 8 will change to Rel 9 CPS SON APIs. This is closely aligned with CSP APIs developed for Network Slicing.

Links for API information:



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