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In ONAP, VNF Test Platform (VTP) in VNFSDK project helps to model the Test domain and provides the required micro service for managing and automating the VNF testing and provides required REST API. And TMForum is releasing the REST API for Test component suites includes Test Scenario, Test suite, Test case, Test Result, Test Input, Test Artifact , Test Environment and Test execution. As both projects look at same problem of test domain, both of these API specifications are analysed and leveraged values across. 

Following diagram shows the mapping result:

VTP adoption of TMF 913

VTP already proivdes REST API for following test domain (most of the models).

And TMforum API could be adopted into VTP by providing the translation layer at the VTP controller as below (highlighted in yellow color)

This integration does not change the existing VTP API

Presentations at conference

ONS EU 2019: 


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