The table supports a filter mechanism. Activation/Deactivation by symbol "Downside arrow" in right upper corner.

Available field for one entry are

  • as (String) "date", "modelIdentifier", "manufacturerIdentifier", "typeName", "description", "uuid", "version", "parentUuid", "containedHolder", "mountpoint", "partTypeId", "serial", 
  • as (long) "treeLevel".

Filter rules for filter string

  • ES wildchar query is used

  • Case sensitive

  • Wildchards are:
    • '*' A sequence of chars

    • '?' Exact one char

Examples for filter rules



matching (comma seperated)

not matching (comma seperated)
Adequals 'Ad'/^Ad$/gstringAdadmin, monica
Ad*startswith 'Ad'/^Ad/gstringAdmin, Addadmin, monica
*Adendswith 'Ad'/Ad$/gstringmkisdAdmkdisad, youtube
*Ad*contains 'Ad'/Ad/gstringmmAdkias, mmAdadmin, monica
*Ad*s*contains 'Ad' something 's' something/Ad.*s/gstringAdmins, Ads, fAdsAdmin, admins
?Ad?s*starts with single any char, followed by 'Ad', another single char, 's', something/^.Ad.s/gstringfAdhs, gAdis, hAdtsabcAdmin, admins
all below since Frankfurt release
19number is 19-number1920, 1
>19number greater than 19-number20, 2519, 1
>=19number greater or equal than 19-number20, 33001, 11
<=22number smaller or equal than 22-number1, 21, 2223, 553
<19number smaller than 19 -number18, 319, 20
trueboolean filter-booleantrue


falseboolean filter-booleanfalsetrue

(same for >=,<, <=)

date newer than 5th January 2019-datetime2019-01-06T020611Z2019-01-05T020611Z
(same for >=,<, <=)
date newer than 5th January 2019 10:59:59-datetime2019-01-05T110611Z2019-01-05T100611Z

(same for >=,<, <=)

date newer than 5th January 2019 10:05:59-datetime2019-01-05T100611Z2019-01-05T100511Z
(same for >=,<, <=)
date newer than 5th January 2019 10:05:05-datetime2019-01-05T100511Z2019-01-05T100500Z
2019*date within the year 2019-datetime


2019-07*date within July 2019-datetime2019-07-05T100511Z2019-01-05T100511Z
2019-07-1*date within 10th to 19th of July 2019-datetime2019-07-15T100511Z2019-07-05T100511Z
2019-07-15*date within 15th of July 2019-datetime2019-07-15T100511Z2019-01-05T100511Z
2019-07-15T1*date on 15th of July 2019 between 10:00:00 and 19:59:59-datetime2019-07-15T100511Z2019-07-15T200511Z
2019-07-15T16*date on 15th of July 2019 between 16:00:00 and 16:59:59-datetime2019-07-15T160511Z2019-07-15T100511Z
2019-07-15T16:2*date on 15th of July 2019 between 16:20:00 and 16:29:59-datetime2019-07-15T162511Z2019-07-15T160511Z
2019-07-15T16:28*date on 15th of July 2019 between 16:28:00 and 16:28:59-datetime2019-07-15T162811Z2019-07-15T162211Z
2019-07-15T16:28:2*date on 15th of July 2019 between 16:28:20 and 16:28:29-datetime2019-07-15T162821Z2019-07-15T162811Z
2019-07-15T16:28:23.*date on 15th of July 2019 between 16:28:23.0 and 16:28:23.9-datetime2019-07-15T162823.2Z2019-07-15T162824.2Z
2019-07-15T16:28:23exactly 2019-07-15T16:28:23-datetime2019-07-15T16:28:23Z2019-07-15T162811Z

The rules are described in column “regex” to be tested with Flavor “ECMAScript” regex at this site:

Examples for filtered row in table

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