• Benjamin Cheung (Nokia)

  • Byung-Woo Jun 
  • Tapio Tallgren (Nokia)
  • Tomasz Wichary (Nokia)
  • Achill Schirilla (Nokia)
  • Nakjung Choi (Nokia)
  • Anubhab Banerjee (Nokia)
  • Stephan Mwanje (Nokia)
  • Asish Bose (Nokia)
  • Ricardo Rocha (Nokia)
  • Quan Pham Vane (Nokia)
  • Neelam Bhat (Nokia)
  • Dong Wang
  • Shantanu Arora (Nokia)
  • Sushil Singh (Nokia)


Meeting Notes Discussion

Question - for the Intent Engine, on Slide #7 how can you "see" what the input

Ben, Zhen Li and Dong Wang presented R13 enhancements for Intents, and also 3gpp sa5 alignment...

enhancement to intent translation and improvements. Slides



Presentation slides - ONAP IBN Release 12

ONAP IBN Release 13

ONAP IBN 3GPP SA5 Alignment

RECORDING for U/C Realization

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1 Comment

  1. Dear Ben&Dong

    I'm very sorry for missing this meeting, China Mobile is also very interested in intent related use cases.

    I reviewed the recording of this meeting, which mentioned alignment with 3gpp SA5. I have also had offline discussions with Dr. Dong regarding this issue before.

    China Mobile has some in-depth thinking and suggestions on how to collaborate with other SDOs (including 3gpp SA5) in intent management. At this week's ARC Meeting, we had discussions with Byung and other experts. Please review the content of our suggestions

    I noticed in your email that the next call in August 21, you will continue the discussion on Intent Base Networking and its interaction with O-RAN.

    At that time, we will also participate in this meeting and discuss relevant content.

    If you have any comments on the suggestions in ONAPARC-787, you can also contact me by email.

    Best regards!