This page will outline the steps to use the VID Preload Data sheet for VNF-API in Casablanca.

  • Determine HEAT env parameters you want to set
  • Create preload json file
    • Set the parameters with data from Openstack Tenant (network_name, subnet_name, public_net_id, security_group) , VNF NAme
    • Here is the example VNF we use from HVES Project 

    1. base_hvessimulator.envbase_hvessimulator.yamlMANIFEST.json
  • Create l3-network data in AAI that matches IP assignments in preload
    • HTTP PUT to https://{{aai_port}}/aai/v14/network/l3-networks/l3-network/regionone-default-network


  • Create Service
  • Create VNF
  • Create VF Module
    • Do NOT select SDNC Preload
    • Select Supplementory Upload


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  1. Can we repeat this with a GRA version ?

  2. Confirmed in Dublin using VNF-API. Only changes were for tenant-id, onap oam net/subnet and security-group-id in the preload for a different tenant and for L3 network to AAI  the different tenant-id.