When the need arises for voting on Committee Members or Project Technical Leads we recommend using https://www.opavote.com/

  • Set the name of the poll to be something unambiguous such as "Foo-Sniblette PTL Election 2017"
  • Make sure the end date/time includes the specific time zone you are using
  • In addition to listing each candidate name, the following two values should also be added as "candidates"
    • I abstain from voting in this election
    • I am voting against all candidates
  • The poll should be set to "private" to ensure that people can only vote once

Once you have started the poll via the link that was sent to you, go back to the "Poll Control" page and enter the email address of everyone that should receive a ballot.

  • IMPORTANT!  include the email address "pmo @ onap.org" (without the spaces or quotes) in the list of ballot email addresses. This is to ensure that the LFN Program Manager gets a copy of the ballot.

That's all there is to it.  The email invitations will be sent to the folks you have included.

When the end-time comes for the poll, go back to the webpage and close the election.  Once that is done you can see the results of the election. 

Send an email to the community indicating the election has concluded and indicate the winner.  There is a link on the invitation to vote, that points to the election results as well.

Please record the election results on the Voting Results History page.

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  1. Kenny Paul - CIVS won't let me create a poll with a single candidate. What is the recommendation to proceed?

    1. Last time around, I added as a second choice "No opinion".  I was going to do the same this time around unless there's a better suggestion?

  2. No Opinion works.

    1. Ok thanks Dan Timoney and Kenny Paul - I did a "Do not vote for this" - so we'll see what happens. (smile)

  3. Hi Kenny Paul, When will voting start for TSC election? Will there be an email to eligible voters?

  4. CIVS reported the following:

    pmo@onap.org This email address has not been activated by the recipient.

  5. Actually, I'm finding CIVS to be problematic:

    • It gave the same message as above for all of the email addresses, because none of them are currently active in CIVS
    • Even though I created a poll using my email address, it gave the same message for me
    • Never receiving an email from CIVS, I tried adding my email to the voter list a second time; now it appears to be counting my vote twice
    • Some people, after activating their email, clicked on the link for the poll only to be blocked by their VPN.  After that, the link no longer appeared so they never got a chance to vote

    At this point, I think I'm going to have to end this poll and start a new one all over again, after making sure everyone's email address is registered.

  6. In a close vote, which algorithm should be used to determine the winner?  (Minimax is the default.)