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Monday[sdc] Team ONAP3, Mon UTC 11:00 / China 19:00 / Eastern 06:00 / Pacific 03:00 calendar invite

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Meeting Attendees

Michael Morris

Anderson Ribeiro


Vasyl Razinkov

Krupa Nagabhushan

Xue Gao

Piotr Marcinkiewicz

Remigiusz Janeczek

André Schmid

Agenda & Minutes

Review open action items from last week

AgendaMinutes (Draft to be updated during call)
Helm package verification

In Guilin, we decided to not do helm package validation/verification, several ideas were discussed at that time. Some improvements are planned for H release.

Presented by Nokia team to discuss how to add Helm validation to SDC onboarding

agreed to :

  • add a new deployed container running the validation service, that can
    • run multiple version of helm and test that the package is deployabe
    • stretch do linting
    • stretch provide feedback to user in SDC UI
  • target H release to add the basic functionality, add configuration data to existing AUTO.JSON loaded in SDC config maps (onboarding container reads this at startup)

Not enough time to complete, code is dark until next release,

New repo under SDC project :

Work in progress for I release, OOM review Merged

Discussed about adding integration tests for this in SDC-BE repo (to use SDC integration tests builds)

This requires to download LATEST images from external repo for Helm validator (as these are not built by SDC Main Maven Build)

Need to document and prepare a dedicated maven profile to inform people that they require additional containers to run the integration tests

Need to trigger automatically these tests in CI-Management to ensure a change in Helm validator does not break SDC maiin build

Can discuss offline with Christophe Closset

Next update integrating SDC-BE and Helm validator

Review merged:

Version 1.9.0 successfully passed gating

Discussed about adding integration tests for this in SDC-BE repo. 

Integration tests to be executed as part of the existing gerrit job. Version of helm validator to be fixed, with version updated as needs be. Normal review process, with the integration tests being executed in the verify job, will ensure new version does not break SDC build

Profile to support skipping of the helm validator test cases locally to avoid need to bring in external dependencies when executing locally 

Committers Update

Requesting active committers to apply for formal Committer's role

Fill the template under : Committer Promotion Request for [SDC]

Will review and request a vote from all current committers

JIRA Updates

  • High priority defects
  • Open Reviews
  • Defects & tasks backlog
  • Current Release progress : H release
  • Others

High priority defects :


T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

  • Other High priority ticket to discuss ?

Open Reviews :


MASTER is moved to I release, H official public announcement to be made soon :

#AGREED the TSC approves the signoff of the Honolulu release with the public announcement to be made on May 11

Gerrit REVIEW can proceed with auto test in verify job, now accepting changes for Istambul and/or refactoring

  • Reminder of merge conditions : Verify must pass AND tests must be provided for new features (SONAR metrics are important but can only be checked AFTER code is merged)

Important : for new features, please provide explanation of changes and API/UI/unit testing, it is also advised to present changes at SDC weekly

we have a plan to add SONAR test to the verify job, will work on this in the coming months

Defect & Tasks Backlog (no update this week):


T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due


  • Use the AID (Architecture integration documentSDC Data model also for new comers


3 new GR being reviewed for Istambul and 1 BP :

  1. Promote to Global Requirement: CONTINUATION OF PACKAGES UPGRADES IN DIRECT DEPENDENCIES, Seccom to provide recommendations

    Updates in progress : SDC-3572 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  1. Promote to Global Requirement: CONTINUATION OF CII BADGING SCORE IMPROVEMENTS FOR GOLD LEVEL, target is to reach silver level more info : CII Badging Program
  2. IPV4/V6 support : should be no issue for SDC (tested daily by Nokia Lab)
  3. Promote to Best Practice: LOGS MANAGEMENT - PHASE 1: COMMON PLACE FOR DATA → use STDOUT as output for logs in Logback conf as a first step

2 new Best Practices approved by TSC for Jakarta:

REQ-399 - Getting issue details... STATUS

REQ-396 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SDC performance issue

During H release Stability testing for SDC, it was noticed that performance decreases over time, up to the point where onboarding is not successful

Not had time to investigate logs yet but saw some exceptions happening

Test details and logs can be found here :

INT-1912 - Getting issue details... STATUS

OOM team have reported changes in cassandra configuration have not resulted in any improvement

Automated Rolling Upgrade and Data Migration

No Update this release (parking topic for later)

Support of automated upgrade from version X to version X+1

Needed for every change that breaks existing data validity : Have a strategy to handle data migration

  • Create a wiki page, details for every feature and its impact on data for migration / schema changes -  check the wiki page: Upgrade plan
    • Feature X: All services metadata must have new property Y
  • Implementing a "task" for migrating data accordingly.
    • Example: asdctool mig2002

SDC-3155 - Getting issue details... STATUS Epic created

→ Discuss further and create User stories along with Bell Canada, Amdocs, Tata communications

Will need to prioritize VS Guilin Requirements →

this may shift to next release due to low commitment

Learn from SDNC experience;

"Normatives" types: challenging

Agreed to remove from agenda

Important Jira tasks we need to pick up

Long Term tasks

INCREASE SONAR Coverage and lower SONAR bugs

We've noticed a growth of SONAR issues and coverage is getting lower,

Stats are computed only on Merged code, it would be good for contributors to :

1) Enable Sonar plugins in IDE try to fix issues before they get in

2) To reduce issues, we could try and run through module per module (divide and conquer approach)

3) other ideas ?

4) Coverage is back up to 55.0%

  • Reduce line of codes (unused code)
  • Increase testing
  • Use LomBok to cover getter setter
  • You can see where coverage per module in sonar views

Other long term tasks

  • SDC-2708 Add assertions for unit tests  - #NewComers
  • SDC-2812Refactor all usage of Eithers - Guilin R7, #NewComers
  • SDC-2844 JUnit 5 unit test  - on going for new UT
  • SDC-3108 - Getting issue details... STATUS Migrate all TestNG tests to Junit5 , #NewComers

Security  - Guilin

Looking at these and this will significantly impact SDC APIs, since SDC does not have password it has to defer request to portal/aaf

exception for this in Guilin requested , though PORTAL provided Credentials validation API so that SDC can check users - will see if we have time to do something about these  

Only one left open OJSI 94, presented to SECCOM and they agreed on current progress

Parking this topic until further updates

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

. Exemption was previously requested from SECCOM. Solution may cause big impact in sdc-wfd-fe

Istanbul Requirements

New requirements for I release can be proposed, check with ArchSubcomittee and Usecase/req comittee

Release planning : Release Planning: Istanbul

Release Requirements : Istanbul Release Requirements

Requirements impact per components : Istanbul Impact View per Component

Intermittent distribution failures in Gating

Intermittent failures in distribution causing Gating to fail. Was previously investigated, what is the current status?

Following issue reported during onboarding which can lead to distribution failures but the issue is in the onboarding: 

SDC-3508 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Suspected to be caused by consistency issue between cassandra nodes. Changes to consistent settings in cassandra has been suggested by Orange that may resolve this issue

LFN Developer & Testing Forum

Takes place next week Mon 7th June 7th - Thur 10th June



Q&AIf you have time, pay attention to SDC mailing list questions

Action Items ()

  • None

Slack Channel : #SDC on LFN Slack instance

SDC Dev lab on Windriver :

ssh ubuntu@ (with onap key) - LAb is installed with latest release (SDC 1.8.4) on helm 3 and K8s 1.19

 new wiki entry if you want to build a lab of your own : Deploy OOM and SDC (or ONAP) on a single VM with microk8s - Honolulu Setup