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Target Release NameIstanbul
Project Lifecycle StateIncubation
Participating Company Bell Canada, Ericsson, IBM, Highstreet, Pantheon


What is this release trying to address?

Further integrate CPS into ONAP architecture through additional components and interfaces such as

  • Network CM Proxy NCMP, moving from MVP to integrated component using SDN-C, DMaap and A&AI and an agreed new REST interface
  • ONAP Data Model Inventory (DMI) Plugin to register supported CM handles and delegate data acces to the xNFS using ODL interface in SDN-C
  • Model and Data Sync for nodes in DMI Plugin Inventory
  • Storing and querying Temporal data


  • REQ-717 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • REQ-720 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • REQ-721 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Minimum Viable Product

  • Ability to add xNF (initial) inventory using 'side-door' interface
  • Read Operation support for both cached data in CPS and xNF data using 'datastores' concept
  • Write operation support for datastore ncmp-datastores:running
  • Model and Data Sync for (manually added) Simulator based xNF
  • Temporal service is able to store basic data updated events received from Core and is also able to respond to basic query requests.



CPS-350 - Getting issue details... STATUS

CPS-384 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Longer term roadmap

  • CPS-Core will have extended query capabilities based on XPath expression.
  • CPS-Core will enforce and control ownership of data it holds
  • NCMP will be able to sync CM Models and Data on any xNF in the network
  • MCMP wil support the same query capabilities as CPS-Core and be extend with options similar to RESTConf's 'fields' and 'depth'
  • CPS Temporal aims to complement CPS Core by providing an historical view on CPS data.

Release Deliverables

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Deliverable NameDeliverable Description
Container running CPS and NCMP
onap/cps-temporalContainer running CPS Temporal

Documentation for R9 (incl. offered APIs release note)

One entry point for all CPS documentation available at https://docs.onap.org/projects/onap-cps/en/latest/index.html. From there, documentation for all CPS components (core, ncmp, temporal, ...) shall be available.


  • CPS-Core
    • cps-service
    • cps-rest
    • cps-ri (reference implementation)
  • NCMP
    • cps-ncmp-service
    • cps-ncmp-rest
  • Temporal DB
  • DMI-Plugin


High level architecture diagram

CPS is a new shared service in the ONAP Architecture:

For more detailed component description see ARC Configuration Persistence Service (CPS) Component Description - Istanbul-R9#6.SystemDeploymentArchitecture

Platform Maturity

See the centralized wiki page: Istanbul Release Platform Maturity

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API NameAPI DescriptionAPI Definition DateAPI Delivery dateAPI Definition link (i.e.swagger)


CPS Model LifeCycle
CPS Data Write
CPS Data Read

Swagger Sources (openapi.yaml)
CPS-E-05xNF Data Access

Swagger Sources (openapi.yaml)
CPS-E-06Temporal Data Access
(no other component currently depends on this or plan to use it in Istanbul)

Swagger Sources (openapi.yml)
  • Third Party Products Dependencies

Third Party Products mean products that are mandatory to provide services for your components. 

DockerVM Container18 and above
ODL Yang ToolsYang model and Data Parser5.0.6 
Postgres Docker imageVM container for Postgres13.2-alpine
onap/integration-java11Java Base image8.0.0
JettyApplication server9.4.41
SwaggerOpenAPI library2.1.4
SpringFoxOpenAPI library3.0.0
Hibernate typesSupport for Postgres datatype JSONB2.10.0
Spring BootApplication Framework2.5.0
antlr4-runtimeLanguage parser4.9.2
liquibaseDB Schema (version) management4.3.1
modelmapperModel mapper library2.3.8
MapStructModel Mapper library (alternative)1.4.2.Final

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  • Resources

Configuration Persistence Service Developer's Landing Page

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kieran mccarthy(stakeholder)


Tony Finnerty (architect)



YesNoTech MahindraIST/UTC+5:30IST/UTC+5:30


Halil Cakal YesNoEricssonGMT/UTCIST/UTC+1X


X (SM)

YesNoTech MahindraIST/UTC+5:30IST/UTC+5:30

YesNoTech MahindraIST/UTC+5:30IST/UTC+5:30



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See the following centralized wiki: Istanbul Documentation

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