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The REST API definitions can be downloaded from here.

  File Modified
Microsoft Word Document AAIRESTAPI_AMSTERDAM.docx Aug 17, 2017 by Jimmy Forsyth
PDF File AAIRESTAPI_AMSTERDAM.pdf Aug 17, 2017 by Jimmy Forsyth
HTML File aai_rest_api_doc_v11.html Nov 06, 2017 by Jimmy Forsyth
File aai_schema_v11.xsd Nov 06, 2017 by Jimmy Forsyth


  1. I think we need to rename above  aai_swagger_v11.html file. It's not swagger definition of AAI APIs.

  2. Generate via (thanks LiZi) - Q do we still support v8

    cd aai/aai-common/aai-core/
    mvn -PgenerateXsd -DskipTests
    mvn -PgenerateXsd install -DskipTests
    mvn -PgenerateYaml install -DskipTests
    mvn -PgenerateHtml install -DskipTests
    cat ../aai-schema/src/main/resources/aai_swagger_html/aai_swagger_v8.html 
    cat ../aai-schema/src/main/resources/aai_swagger_html/aai_swagger_v11.html
  3. aai_swagger_v11.html is out of sync with aai_schema_v11.xsd. There are node types defined in XSD doc that do not have paths defined in the index document

    Please update the aai_swagger_v11 with the missing paths.

  4. Is this aai_schema_v11.xsd complete? I.e. are these all the data types supported in A&AI currently? Even for Beijing release?