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Antitrust Policy Statement:  Meetings of the ONAP Project involve participation by industry competitors,  and it is the intention of the Project to conduct all of its activities in accordance  with applicable antitrust and competition laws. It is therefore extremely  important that attendees adhere to meeting agendas, and be aware of and not 
participate in any activities that are prohibited under applicable U.S. state,  federal or foreign antitrust and competition laws. Examples of types of actions  that are prohibited at ONAP Project meetings and in connection with ONAP  Project activities are described in the The Linux Foundation Antitrust Policy. If  you have questions about these matters, please contact your company  counsel or Andrew Updegrove, of the firm of Gesmer Updegrove LLP, which  provides legal counsel to The Linux Foundation.
Linux Foundation Antitrust Policy:

  1. Assemble/Welcome (5 min) 



How Achieved

Participant Preparation required

Action items out

2Review JIRA Backlog. Participants should be comfortable that they understand the backlog of tasks for our project ( 5 min)

Walk through the JIRA backlog to check for completeness


vnfrqts bugs

3Develop Beijing definition. Participants should be comfortable with an achievable development sprint scope ( 30 min)

walk through Beijing EPICs , User Stories

vnfrqts Beijing Release Plan

propose a minimal "getting started" sprint scope.

ensure that suitable JIRA tasks are already in place to support this scope.


vnfrqts Project charter

vnfrqts Epics

vnfrqts User Stories

R2 Use cases - VNF Scaleout

Create / edit 

vnfrqts Epics

defer to Casablanca the following EPICs:

vnfrqts User Stories

vnfrqts Beijing Release Plan

4Relationships with other projects in Beijing? (10 min)review project handoffs

review handoffs with






create any necessary User Stories

Steve to Check with Andy Mayer where is latest list of VNF information elements?

   5. Any other Business? (5 min) 

ONAP Community Awards closes 11:59 PST 12/5

Meeting schedule:

  • DEC 12 - No meeting - superseded by DEC 11-13 F-F mtg  Agenda
  • DEC 19 - Cancelled
  • DEC 26 - Cancelled
  • January 2

Meeting record

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