• Discuss ESR - new possible role in ONAP instantiation in labs

Recorded session 2017-12-13

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Helen Chen when the Integration team deploys ONAP lots of configuration information has to be supplied to SDNC and VIM - Helen's notion is that this information can be tracked in AAI and front-ended by ESR. This is beyond the scope of the current function of ESR and so would require additional code for R2 if we decide to include it.

Infrastructure awareness/auto-discovery.

Preload data to satisfy business requirements of the carriers, but it's an onerous process to do these preloads in Integration labs

After vFW is built need to run heatBridge; can this be automated?


Openstack data vs. what's in AAI - if AAI stores external system info, how are the

Propose new auditing service that would compare what AAI has against the network

Auditing vs. SDC model

Validation of incoming data - Status attributes might be good candidates for ENUMs - IP addresses could certainly be validated for correctness.

Versioning/Historical Tracking
ECOMP is discussing historical tracking down to the property level or edge label

Action items