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Project Name:

  • Proposed name for the project: SDC
  • Proposed name for the repository: sdc, sdc/sdc-distribution-client, SDC, SDC/SDC-Destribution-Client, TBD

Project description:

  • Provides a well-structured organization of visual design & testing tools, templates and catalogs to model and create resources, and services. The output of the SDC is a set of models which drives the orchestration.


  • Full and comprehensive VNF/Software Application(VF), and service design, which includes, not limited to:
    • SDC portal
    • Onboarding VNF/VF
      • Onboarding heat based VNF/VF
      • Onboarding TOSCA based VNF/VF
    • Service design
    • VNF/VF design
    • Workflow design
      • lifecycle flows
      • change management flows
      • Discovery of available workflow actions (related to Micro Services and discovery)

    • API design
    • Close loop design
    • policy design
    • Service function chaining Design
    • VNF/VF License Design
    • VF/VNF deployment flavor design
    • Export NS/VNF as CSAR Package
      • including the service template
      • including the implementation artifacts
  • Collaborative design
    • versioning
    • Design Lifecycle
    • Project/Admin dashboard (include user management, VNF/VF and Services relevant to the project).
  • VNF/VF/SERVICE testing and certification
  • Distribution to ONAP
    • TOSCA parser
    • Distribution to multiple clouds.
  • External API- for VNF/VF and  service 
  • Image management
  • Identify the usecase in the Release 1

    • Service and VNF design
    • Workflow design
    • SFC design
    • VoLTE usecase 
    • vCPE
      • Service and VNF design
      • Workflow design
  • Test
    • VNF/VF automatic distribution and testing.
    • Service automatic distribution and testing.
  • Integration with BSS / Customer ordering.

  • Describe the functionality to be provided by the project.  Please provide the full intended scope of the project; not just what is intended for the project's first release.
  • Specify any interface/API specification proposed,
  • Identity a list of features and functionality will be developed.
  • Identify what is in or out of scope. During the development phase, it helps reduce discussion.

Architecture Alignment

  • An alignment between the below projects should be agreed on

    • CLAMP is showing “Designing the Control Loop

    • ICE – there is a link with onboarding

    • Modelling – we intend to provide modelling for A&AI in SDC
    • Network Function Change Management is showing “This project provides users with the ability to design workflows
    • Policy Framework Project Proposal is showing “Policy Design GUI - work with SDC project to integrate the Policy Design GUI
    • VNF SDK – there is a link with onboarding
    • DCAE
    • VF-C
    • SO
  • What kind of dependency other projects will have with SDC, e.g SO modeling?
  • How will multi VIM project influence on the input/ output we have for SDC?
  • How to align to standards like ETSI VNF packaging?

Architecture Alignment:

current integration and new integrations for SDC in ONAP

    • How the existing functionality is going to align in ONAP
      • How it will integrate with:
        • VNF-SDK
        • ICE (VNF certification)
        • Modeling
    • What kind of dependency other projects will have with SDC, e.g SO modeling?
    • How will multi VIM project influence on the input/ output we have for SDC?
      • how do we keep close integration with the VIM that impacts modeling
    • How to align to standards like ETSI VNF packaging/OASIS TOSCA/TMF?


Other Information:

Key Project Facts

Project Name:

Repo name: SDC and SDC/sdc-destribution-client
Lifecycle State: 
Primary Contact: Ofir Sonsino, Tal Halfon
Project Lead: Ofir Sonsino (AT&T), Avi Ziv (amdocs)
mailing list tag sdc 

NameCompanyEmailGerrit IDTZ

Avi Ziv


Raanana, Israel. GMT +3

Pune, India. GMT +5.5
Raanana, Israel. GMT +3
Zhaoxing Zhaoxing Chengdu, China. UTC+8
 Chengdu, China. UTC+8
 Chengdu, China. UTC+8
 Chengdu, China. UTC+8
Chengdu, China. UTC+8
An HoHuawei

anipbuPacific Time Zone. UTC -7
Kang XiHuawei

Rene RobertOrange




Moti GrinbergAT&
Lod, Israel. GMT +3
Ofir SonsinoAT&
Lod, Israel. GMT +3
Tao ShenChina
Beijing, China. UTC+8
Beijing, China. UTC+8
Beijing, China. UTC+8

*Link to TSC approval: 
Link to approval of additional submitters: 

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  1. It will be nice if the "white" and "yellow" component descriptions are added into the Legend part of Architecture Alignment diagram. Thanks.

  2. Currently, user has to switch between multiple roles constantly to design a service, Could we allow a user has multiple roles, it will be more convenient for SDC use.

  3. the idea behind the single role for user is that in a real deployment the same user will not be the one who is responsible for design testing and deployment.

    the multiple roles is only relevant during the development phase.

  4. I have added a comment regarding the Vendor Neutral section.

    Suggested tools or anything else equivalent: FOSSology, Blackduck suite, Sonar, CheckMarx.

    I have updated the JIRA project name/prefix to align with

  5. I also would like to consider the following JIRA items as part of this proposal if these are not solve earlier:

    SDC-10 - Getting issue details... STATUS if the epic (COMMON-10) is approved

  6. Would the SDC support onboarding resources other than VNF/VF? e.g. Cloud Infrastructure vendors wish to expose their enhanced features/services coming along with their Cloud Infrastructure to ONAP service designer, so that service designer could utilize these features/services for composing services. So Multi VIM/Cloud project might model these feature/services and expose them as special resource via SDC catalog.

    one use case could be like this:  if some cloud infrastructure offers the services of high throughput/low latency virtual firewall  and expose it via SDC catalog, service designer could utilize these feature when designing certain service instead of deploying another virtual Firewall by their own.

  7. In order to have unified modeling in the ONAP, it would better that SDC projects depends on modeling project for example, service template, service component modeling, VNF template, policy modeling, Parsers et al.

  8. I see there is no dependency on A&AI.  Does this mean the SDC hosts it's own repo for models/templates?

  9. Hello SDC team, I am looking for a TOSCA service template which has a model of VNF/service related performance metrics. I currently have a Firewall CSAR which has only Ceilometer related metrics. Can you please provide pointers.