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  1. Check the containers that are running and get the container name for resources micro service as this container contains both dataSnapshot and restore scripts
  2. If the deployment was followed properly, then the container name would have been testconfig_aai-resources.api.simpledemo.onap.org_1
  3. Run the following command to save the current snapshot of your data:

    docker exec -u aaiadmin -it testconfig_aai-resources.api.simpledemo.onap.org_1 /opt/app/aai-resources/bin/

  4. After running that command, you should see the following line in the standard output:

    Snapshot written to /opt/app/aai-resources/logs/data/dataSnapshots/dataSnapshot.graphSON.201709221713

  5. This file dataSnapshot.graphSON.201709221713 can be found in /opt/aai/logroot/AAI-RESOURCES/data/dataSnapshots on the host vm
  6. If you want to restore the data from the snapshot, then you would run this command:

    docker exec -u aaiadmin -it testconfig_aai-resources.api.simpledemo.onap.org_1 /opt/app/aai-resources/bin/ dataSnapshot.graphSON.201709221713

  7. The argument to the is the dataSnapshot graphson file and it only needs the base name and expects to be found in the host vm /opt/aai/logroot/AAI-RESOURCES/data/dataSnapshots.
  8. Once that command is run, you will be given a warning of 5 seconds to quit the process as it will replace whatever you have in your A&AI data with that snapshot and any current data thats not saved into a snapshot will be lost.

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