Presenting 14 Aug 2018

Our development plan for Casablanca - Logging Casablanca Scope


Help teams implement (with optional all/partial/full compliance) - the new MDC and MARKER spec as quickly as possible using a selection of optional/verified libraries and an RI.


Acumos requirements/shadowing of our logging spec is driving part of our scope for casablanca since a large portion of the team is on both projects

Working with oom, portal (portal drives onap and acumos), clamp, sdc, aai with vid and policy in the queue.


5 min involving the fake logdemonode deployment that exercises all elements of the jar/war/docker/helm/filebeat/elk stack -

follow Logging Developer Guide#Deployingdemopod

Specification Changes since Beijing

The specification has been adjusted over an 8 week period starting late Beijing and into the Casablanca release via a team composed of Luke Parker and Michael O'Brien from ONAP and Shishir Thakore, Sanjay, Lorraine WelchSpondon Dey, Jun Hu,  Anthony Manuel, Horace Ip, from Acumos/ONAP and Chris Lott, Bryan Sullivan of Acumos and Dave Williamson from AT&T

ONAP Application Logging Specification v1.2 (Casablanca)#MappedDiagnosticContextTable

diff ONAP Application Logging Specification v1.2 (Casablanca)

API changes since Beijing

None except for the optional logging libraries below via pom.xml inclusion Logging Developer Guide#pom.xml

Implementation/RI changes since Beijing

A POC library has been introduced around SLF4J that is consumable by Java, Cloujure and Scala containers. 

LOG-115 - Getting issue details... STATUS

LOG-135 - Getting issue details... STATUS

There is a POC AOP (aspect oriented) wrapper library in progress to simplify MARKER adoption.

Logging Developer Guide via and

We are actively implementing a 3rd RI using the existing portal/sdk EELF logger that is used by several components in ONAP already.

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