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BEFORE requesting help from LF-IT:

  • Make a copy of this template and move it under your own project page hierarchy.

  • Edit the page accordingly, providing the links and information requested.

  • Send an email to containing a link to this completed page with the Subject: Committer Promotion Request for [your-project-tag]

  • Edit an upcoming TSC meeting Agenda page to request a 5 minute time slot for a Conformation vote.

AFTER the TSC passes the Conformation Vote:

  • Update the Resources and Repositories information

  • Add a link on this page to the TSC meeting minutes where the Committer promotion was approved

  • Send email to requesting the Committer be added and include a link to this page.

Contributor's Name: Filip Krzywka

Contributor's LFID:  fkrzywka (

Link(s) demonstrating the Contributor's established history of meritocratic contributions to the project: 

Commits for requested repository: 18

ONAP HelpDesk tickets: 59311 HV-VES CSIT test suites Jenkins jobs

Code review and contributions:

And also related to CSIT suites:

Link documenting the existing Committers voting in favor of promoting the Contributor:  

Repositories the new Committer should be granted permissions to: