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  • Status and Stucks
  • Technical Discussion
  • Making the PTL Happy


  • Status and Stucks
    • Current POMBA Dublin Stories (Logging Project) -

    • Current Code Inspections

    • POMBA hourly healthcheck (CD deployment) -
      • Status: RED Michael O'Brien (Amdocs 1705-1905) will need to address what looks like some outages in the tool
      • 20181219: The kibana image I am using saturates after a couple months - reverted to a Sept 2018 image - running OK now - from my AWS account
      • I lost my spot 64G vm last night to the market pricing - raised a new one this morning - results should be in in 2 hours
      • see TSC-79 - Getting issue details... STATUS

        Issues with a couple pomba pods - are due to the fact that has a 80x routing slowdown since the 17th - I have raised a proxy for casablanca images and for master images - but due to the speed - the pomba images won't be on the server until late friday (35 hour download of 40G)
        19:43:27 onap          onap-pomba-pomba-contextaggregator-d9f888c4-thtkn             0/1       Init:0/1           4          45m   <none>
        19:43:27 onap          onap-pomba-pomba-networkdiscovery-555f4cff77-m6s6t            1/2       CrashLoopBackOff   13         45m   <none>
      • Something broken? Not giving update updates. Still broken as of last night.

    • General Status
      • Casablanca
        • Bugs closed since last meeting:
          • LOG-805 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Dublin
        • Stories in progress (to be delivered this week):
          • LOG-404 - Getting issue details... STATUS
          • LOG-764 - Getting issue details... STATUS
          • LOG-514 - Getting issue details... STATUS  : Network Discovery Asynchronous Response: HTTPS only
        • Stories to be formally verified before closure:
          • LOG-779 - Getting issue details... STATUS
        • Bugs in progress:
          • LOG-852 - Getting issue details... STATUS
          • LOG-904 - Getting issue details... STATUS
          • LOG-909 - Getting issue details... STATUS
          • LOG-908 - Getting issue details... STATUS
        • Bugs to be verified:
          • LOG-803 - Getting issue details... STATUS
          • LOG-807 - Getting issue details... STATUS
          • LOG-808 - Getting issue details... STATUS
          • LOG-857 - Getting issue details... STATUS
          • LOG-875 - Getting issue details... STATUS
        • Bugs closed off since last meeting:
          • LOG-901 - Getting issue details... STATUS
        • We are a little behind in our verification efforts and are hoping to make this up over the holidays while there's not so much other stuff going on!
  • Technical Discussion
    • Integration Team discussion
      • When we know the Openstack/network discovery info will work in ONAP, we shall reach out to Brian and the Integration team again.
        • Logs now fixed, finding some additional bugs, but now easier to address. When resolved, can communicate.
      • How to test L2 Fabric
        • Some of that information may be not be available in ONAP
        • But the resources will be, even if for other reason.
    • Consider demo schedules
      • David Stangl has identified some timeframes where demos would probably make sense based on current forecast
        • Data Dictionary & Network Discovery-  Dec 20
          • Done
        • L2 Network data - beginning of Feb?
          • Set a more specific date in January
        • Network Audit - end of Feb?
    • Added process page for new (or current) contributors:
  • Making the PTL Happy
    • ONAP Casablanca Maintenance? Michael O'Brien (Amdocs 1705-1905) as of now Logging and Pomba are not in 3.0.1-ONAP - only critical fixes should go in if we have any
      • Consider porting bugs into maintenance (add label for candidates)
        • Only high and highest ones. Ones that impact other components, prevent POMBA from launching or the audit to even start.
      • Note the following date to submit bug fixes into Casablanca - Dec 10 (M1), Jan 10 (Docker Release Image), Jan 24 (Release Notes)
    • Dublin
      • Should look at milestones and ensure we are in good shape.
        • Feature commitment Jan 17
        • Functionality freeze Feb 14
        • API freeze is March 14th.