• Status and Stucks
  • Technical Discussion
  • Making the PTL Happy


  • Status and Stucks
    • Current POMBA Dublin Stories (Logging Project) -

    • Current Code Inspections

    • POMBA hourly healthcheck (CD deployment) -
    • General Status
      • Casablanca (Maintenance)
        • Tasks to be closed off (just a technicality):
          • LOG-456 - Getting issue details... STATUS
            • Move to Dublin since this is where the work was actually done
          • LOG-470 - Getting issue details... STATUS
            • Move to Dublin since this is where the work was actually done
      • Dublin
        • Stories in progress:
          • LOG-768 - Getting issue details... STATUS
          • LOG-765 - Getting issue details... STATUS
          • LOG-762 - Getting issue details... STATUS

        • Stories to be formally verified before closure:
          • LOG-764 - Getting issue details... STATUS
          • LOG-779 - Getting issue details... STATUS
          • LOG-404 - Getting issue details... STATUS
        • Bugs to enter:
          • Latest security scan results show ~9 medium issues that should be recorded (but aren't severe enough to merit immediate work).
        • Bugs entered in last week:
          •  N/A
        • Bugs in progress:
          • LOG-852 - Getting issue details... STATUS
          • LOG-803 - Getting issue details... STATUS  (Verify in OOM fails, assigned back to design)
          • LOG-916 - Getting issue details... STATUS
          • LOG-917 - Getting issue details... STATUS  (high)
        • Bugs to be verified:
          • LOG-807 - Getting issue details... STATUS
          • LOG-808 - Getting issue details... STATUS
          • LOG-857 - Getting issue details... STATUS
            • Need to ping Sylvain. (Catherine pinged last week.)
          • LOG-875 - Getting issue details... STATUS
        • Bugs closed off since last meeting:
          • LOG-909 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Technical Discussion
    • Note OOM changes should be done when manifest changes are done. Should not wait for integration team to do this work for us.
      • Did we miss these in Casablanca?
        • Pomba data router missed this yes, resulting in a last minute change
          • Gary from Integration had to do it.
      • We will have to do this for Dublin in two months.
    • Organizing Models and Swaggers between releases
      • Basic navigation should take us to current
      • It should also be possible to get Casablanca information
      • Wiki needs some reorganization
    • Integration Team discussion
      • When we know the Openstack/network discovery info will work in ONAP, we shall reach out to Brian and the Integration team again.
        • Logs now fixed, finding some additional bugs, but now easier to address. When resolved, can communicate.
      • How to test L2 Fabric
        • Some of that information may be not be available in ONAP
        • But the resources will be, even if for other reason.
    • Consider demo schedules
      • J. Ram Balasubramanian will forecast demos as development progresses
        • Data Dictionary & Network Discovery-  Dec 20
          • Done
        • L2 Network data - beginning of Feb?
          • Set a more specific date in January
        • Network Audit and/or additional enhancement - end of Feb/mid March?
  • Making the PTL Happy
    • ONAP Casablanca Maintenance? Michael O'Brien as of now Logging and Pomba are not in 3.0.1-ONAP - only critical fixes should go in if we have any

      • Consider porting bugs into maintenance (add label for candidates)
        • Only high and highest ones. Ones that impact other components, prevent POMBA from launching or the audit to even start.
      • Note the following date to submit bug fixes into Casablanca - Dec 10 (M1), Jan 10 (Docker Release Image), Jan 24 (Release Notes)
      • Supposed to go out today, but Michael doesn't think we  are not ready.  There are 5 OOM patches, including one for POMBA.
        • ensure you paste results of a CD deploy when creating code inspection.  Don't rely on integration team.
          • cube CTL
          • health check
          • get pods
    • Ensure that the ONAP wiki is complete and accurate for deployment instructions
      • undercloud instructions for the cluster
    • Dublin
      • Should look at milestones and ensure we are in good shape.
        • Feature commitment Jan 17 → pushed one week. Jan 24th.
          • Prudence is supporting Michael for this activity.
        • Functionality freeze Feb 14
        • API freeze is March 14th.


  1. For the 3.0.1-ONAP tag  - Found the data-router issue - there was an AAI change in the following

    AAI-2068 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    that is being merged with the following manifest sync

    OOM-1053 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  2. Team,

        In the TSC it was decided to treat the diff between oom and the manifest by always running the manifest generated yaml in your deployments – you will not need to do this for master work – just for Casablanca and RC0-2 work

    Working out the details in

    LOG-929 - Getting issue details... STATUS