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  • ONAP Community lab OWL at Winlab has recieved 7 additional servers.
  • Servers will be mounted once the electrical power is available
  • George and Hanif are going to downgrade the OpenStack version, so that the ONAP integration deployments and installation tools can be used.

Questions by Rebecca:

  1. Common models?
    • For 5G and other SDN-R related yang models there are a lot of candidates (3gPP, BBF, ONF (CoreModel, microwave), ORAN, ieeee, ietf, ...)
    • ORAN and ONF will work closely together in future. The high-level idea is to reuse the technology agnostic ONF Common Information Model (TR 512) and add technolgy specific conditional packages to ensure multi-layer control.
  2. Config database for 5G use cases
  3. Configuration management expectations - is CDS self-service being used with this?

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