The E2E integration test consists of three main parts:

SDC-service-distribution Copy


Test environment requirements for the test cases:

  • xNF simulator for test cases:  PNF Simulator with TLS & YANG support.
  • SO with Config-Assign and Configure steps implemented in workflows.
  • CDS Blueprint processor enhanced so that it can send mount, configure and un-mount rest request to SDNC.
  • SDNC enhanced with ODL flourine SR2 and also capable to import client and trusted certificate and private key at deployment time.

This environment can be set up by following the steps below.

  1. Repo : Yet to update
  2. RUN : Yet to update

Use Case preconditions:

    • xNF simulator.

High Level End-to-End feature integration Test cases :

#Test CaseDescriptionReferenceTester
1Create and distribute service which contains PNFVerify distribution and ingestion of PNF service csar to VID, AAI & SO.5G - PNF Onboarding Test Cases and Status : PNF-OB-5Andy Walshe
2Waiting for PNFReadyVerification if PNF PnP functionality within SO is waiting for PNFReady to be published by PRH.5G - PNF PnP -WaitingforPNFReady

PNF registration accepted

Verification if PNF resource registration is done properly

5G : Configuration with NETCONF - E2E test case for Netconf over TLS
4Send Configuration with NETCONF over TLSVerify the configuration is sent to the PNF with NETCONF5G : Configuration with NETCONF - Success Flow

Detailed Description End-to-End Feature Integration Testcases :

Test Case ID


Test Case Name

E2E test case for NETCONF over TLS

DescriptionEnsure that PNF_READY notification is received by SO from PRH then SO sends CONFIG-ASSIGN, CONFIGURE request to SS-API, to configure the xNF
  1. SO should be waiting for PNF_READY notification after registration process and fully configured as per registration process.
  2. Blueprint archive should be configured for correct blueprint.
  3. SDNC should be installed successfully with keystore preconfigured with certificates of PNF-SIM.
    Certificates for PNF simulator can be picked up from here. Copy these certs in /dockerdatanfs/sdnc/certs and install sdnc.
  4. PNF-SIM should be running with TLS support.

      Install pnf simulator from here using ./simulator.sh start. It will start simulator in TLS/SSH mode at 6503/830 port. Send VES message by changing config/config.json.

Testing Steps
StepsExpected Result
  1. Send PNF_READY to SO(This step will trigger a run to SS-API, BP component, SDNC and PNF simulator)
  2. SO sends CONFIG-ASSIGN request to CDS.
  3. SO receives the response from CDS for CONFIG-ASSIGN as success.
  4. SO sends CONFIG-DEPLOY  async request to CDS.
  5. CDS sends patch(includes mount, configure and unmount request) to SDNC.
  6. SDNC sends mount request to PNF-SIM using TLS connection.
  7. CDS send connection status to SDNC for PNF-SIM.
  8. SDNC sends configuration request to PNF-SIM.
  9. SDNC sends unmount request to PNF-SIM.
  10. Verify received configuration is correct on PNF-SIM (Manual verification).
Get response should give correct result for configuration on PNF-SIM

Conclusion (Pass /Fail)


Testing Lab

Ericsson Lab, Windriver Lab


Next Step(s):

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