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PNF software upgrade is one aspect of Software Management. The purpose of this procedure is to upgrade the software currently running on the PNF to a target software version without impacts on PNF schema and service template. The details of the solution including: 

  • Enhancement and additions of PNF in-place software update.
  • Support direct PNF NETCONF interface with the vendor-specific YANG model.
  • Enhance SO in-place software upgrade workflow with generic SO building blocks, which can be used for workflow design in the design time.
  • Using CDS self-service API between SO and controller with the support of PNF in-place software upgrade
  • Enhance VID to demonstrate single PNF in-place software upgrade
  • Enhance SO procedure to support AAI update after the software upgrade completion.



  • ONAP is ready to use
  • SO upgrade workflows are ready to use
  • A SDC service template with one PNF resource is designed (including CBA association) and it is distributed to run time
  • Service instantiation is completed, including PNF PnP. meaning a PNF instance is in operation with connectivity between PNF-ONAP, PNF-SFTP​

Upgrade Procedure

1.Vendor delivers the new software image to the operator and stored in the SFTP server

2.At the VID, operator

  • selects a work-flow, and a PNF instance,
  • provides the target software version, and
  • initiates the upgrade procedure

3.SO executes the workflow

a) SO sends CDS request(s) with action-identifier {actionName, blueprintName, blueprintVersion} to the blueprint processor inside the controller using CDS self-service API

b) Controller/blueprint processor executes the blueprint scripts including sending Netconf request(s) to the PNF instance

c) SO updates the A&AI with the active software-version when the upgrade is completed

SO Workflows

Upgrade Flow

API impacts in Frankfurt




Support generic workflow design


Support creating of SO upgrade workflows for PNF upgrade, including Upgrade and Preparation


Create or modify SO activity building block for PNF upgrade, including downloadNESw, activateNESw, updateAAI, preCheck, postCheck


Support PNF upgrade UI


Update VID-SO API to execute the workflow of PNF software upgrade with target software version:
POST /instanceManagement/v1/serviceInstances/{serviceInstanceId}/pnfs/{pnfInstanceId}/workflows/{workflow_UUID}?targatSoftwareversion=“2.0”


PNF and CBA association enhancement to support PNF upgrade


Support PNF upgrade with CDS self-service API


Implement updateAAI activity for A&AI updates with active software-version




PNF simulator extension


integration / testing and demoIntegration

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