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Mission statement: automate everything, experiment often, drive POC

This page lists any development peripheral to ONAP that aide in exercising API or testing out integration ideas - they are primarily for ad-hoc experimentation.

Root Project Utilities

For developers wishing to build the entire ONAP - Project containing the root pom.xml and scripts to clone/pull all repositories.

We may add this to an existing/proposed common project

COMMON-18 - Getting issue details... STATUS

COMMON-17 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Amazon AWS Integration

On or all of EC2, Beanstalk, Docker based ECS service and the pure event driven Lambda service - definitely future work.

Northbound Rest OSS Client

Exercise ONAP programmatically via M2M (Rest client) calls.  See the existing VID and proposed VID project and the associated vm1-robot VM.


Spring Boot REST Endpoint for JAX-RS 2.0 Client

Northbound OSS Client#DI1:20170719:AAICertrequiredforHTTPSRESTcalls


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