• Kubernetes on top of Openstack- Konard to update Jira 733.  Konard will verify.
  • Konard will give a talk on CNF at ONAP DDF after ONS
  • Eric was at CDS F2F this week and discussed K8s integration. Next week on Tuesday there will be a discussion in CDS meeting on this topic. Eric, Samuli, and Lukasz have more discussion in next week's meeting.





MULTICLOUD-457 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Updating AAI upon successful instantiation of resource bundle.

MULTICLOUD-675 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Monitor Resources and Update AAI and any other data stores

MULTICLOUD-745 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Map AAI model to kubernetes resources and their status

Jira 457 - Thamlur Raju - Open: Can we have vServer name as a service name or pod name? 

Thamlur Raju To start wiki page and send email to attendees. 

Created sub-page Updating AAI upon successful instantiation of resource bundle

Waiting for more feedback.

Once the status API is ready coding can be started to update AAI.  This can be another binary/submodule in k8s plugin. Tried as separate binary (golang) .

Jira 675  Kiran Kamineni Patch in review for Operator for collecting data. Working on adding the API endpoint that will give the information. 

Jira 745 - In Progress.


MULTICLOUD-577 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Add support for logging

In Progress.

Kiran suggests using logrus for this. Sanjay started working on it. Start with a file and put it in Gerrit as WIP patch. 

@Vamsi - El Alto integration Fluted, Kabana, and Elasticsearch may not be possible. Start email to discuss further.

wiki for Logging Support with details.


MULTICLOUD-586 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Figure out how to keep track of dependent resources

In Progress. 

MULTICLOUD-599 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Cache kubernetes clients instead of creating one everytime

Not started work. Move to next release. Update Jira to Frankfrauft

MULTICLOUD-654 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Convert two part api to a single multipart API

Not yet started. Needs a change in Multicloud. Move to Frankfurt

MULTICLOUD-662 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Add Find/Get method to get instance for a particular profile


MULTICLOUD-677 - Getting issue details... STATUS

 label resources created via instances


MULTICLOUD-716 - Getting issue details... STATUS

 Use docker like names to identify instances instead of random strings

In review

MULTICLOUD-693 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Cloud Security and Authentication using ISTIO 


MULTICLOUD-710 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

 Provide Helm chart for ISTIO installation

MULTICLOUD-711 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Modify helm charts for micro services to enable Auto istio-injection

MULTICLOUD-713 - Getting issue details... STATUS

 Testcase to Create users and give them access to only specific resources

MULTICLOUD-714 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Provide Authentication and Authorization by OAuth (Insider Cluster)

MULTICLOUD-771 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Add Helm charts of SSHSM, SMS and Multicloud k8s into ONAP4K8S

MULTICLOUD-787 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Add istio gateway and virtual service for multicloud-k8s

MULTICLOUD-789 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Create ISTIO policy helm chart template

MULTICLOUD-790 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Create istio rbac rules helm chart template

Jira 710 was merged.  This Installs Isitio Operator. 

 Jira 711 This configures Isitio. The review is complete. patch is merged.

 Jira 714 - Authentication server functionality. Adds authorization support to ISTIO. the patch is merged with keycloak as the authentication server 

Jira 713 - WIP. Will be completed after resolving RBAC/policy bug

Jira 771 - Merged

Jira 787 - in review

Jira 789 - in review. Tested with a sample application. blocker while testing multicloud-k8s

Jira 790 -  in review. Tested with a sample application. blocker while testing multicloud-k8s

Hitting on a blocker with multicloud k8s plugin once ISTIO policy is applied for sample application but policy can't be applied to K8s plugin.


MULTICLOUD-684 - Getting issue details... STATUS

OVN Network Operator

The plugin is renamed to NFN (Network Function Networking) Operator.

All Patches are merged.


MULTICLOUD-474 - Getting issue details... STATUS

OVN Provider Network and Routes operator

Started work on adding support for Provider Network CRD Controller. Added an agent that runs on all the nodes to configure local changes required on specific nodes. Completed coding of the configuration of provider networks for nodes and on the server. 


SO-2110 - Getting issue details... STATUS

 investigate the aai update schema used by workloads


Examples are being documented here: AAI Update after Resource Instantiation#ExampleofAAIdataforvFW(non-K8S)usecase


SO-2109 - Getting issue details... STATUS

investigate calls used to update AAI 


Examples are being documented here: AAI Update after Resource Instantiation#Heatbridgecode


SO-2084 - Getting issue details... STATUS

 Determine heat template needed to avoid preload for k8s workload

Work in Progress. Plan to finish it in El Alto. (Maybe moved to Frankfurt)

Is there some way to avoid interaction with SDNC? Is it a VID issue?


SO-2027 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Work in progress. Plan to finish it in El Alto. (Maybe moved to Frankfurt)

SO-1448 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Support v1 and v2 vnf adapter api

Work in progress. Did some experimentation. Seems like it works. 

Maybe moved to Frankfurt. Make v2 default may need some bug fixes


SO-1450 - Getting issue details... STATUS

support for secure communications between SO and Multicloud 

Discussion with Seshu and Bin Yang.  Multicloud hasn't made this change yet. May not happen in El Alto. Move to Frankfurt

SO-2162 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Investigate running closed loop with K8S vFW

SO-2234 - Add a Service to allow netconf mount to packet generator OPEN

SO-2235 - Define the Data for a vfw K8S vserver object in AAI OPEN

SO-2236 - Support taking in parameters for the vFW k8s OPEN

SO-2237 - support an instance specific sourceName for vFW K8S VES event OPEN

Eric Multanen

Added vServer item for vFW in AAI and configured policy changes. With this able to see vFW events and DCAE collector is receiving it. Policy is reacting to k8s events. Intermittent failures. 

Using the nodeport IP (host IP) and port to communicate with APPC. This information needs to be manually configured for APPC. 

Able to mount netconf from APPC. Created a new service for packetgen. Able to communicate/query from APPC to packetgen running in K8s cluster. vFw Helm chart will need to be modified.

VFW sends out VES events. Those are sent to DCAE collector. Script was enabled with correct configuration and triggered manually. To automate will require a change to Helm chart to pass in correct parameters.

Wiki was created on how to setup vFW closed loop

 Setting up Closed Loop for K8S vFW - initial pass

2234 - Patch in review for vFw demo

2235 - example done - suggest vserver as pod name

2236 - Done.

2237 - uses pod name if openstack metadata service blocked. Workaround is found for now.

Will use the K8s Plugin directly to test. Lab is being converted to El Alto


MULTICLOUD-749 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Update wiki for broker issue

MULTICLOUD-718 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Outdated container in the multicloud-k8s-4.0.0 chart

Jira 718 - Patch was submitted.

Liang will update wiki.


MULTICLOUD-639 - Getting issue details... STATUS

KUD test fails for vnf instantiation as cloud-region not found


MULTICLOUD-676 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Tweak install scripts to enable clean reinstall on the same machine


MULTICLOUD-686 - Getting issue details... STATUS


 Enable testing for working plugins during installation

Merged. CI issues. Virtlet tests are failing.  Will work on this week. Fails silently. Need more data. 


MULTICLOUD-707 - Getting issue details... STATUS


 Provide KUD-testing CI visibility at gerrit review level

On hold (waiting for LF response)

LFN contacted with Konard and explained them what is needed. TSC approval may be required. Konard sent an email summarizing the issue. No response to the email on the mailing list. 

Add to TSC mailing list and add to agenda for next week. Send email to Bin. Konard to join Multicloud meeting next week.

Put it to Verified for now.


MULTICLOUD-708 - Getting issue details... STATUS


vFw testing with Plugin

In progress. Patch submitted. Update documentation. Bugs in ONAP - MSB connectivity API doesn't work due to Multipart nature of the API and others and verify with master if these bugs still exist.

El Alto documentation will be done


MULTICLOUD-690 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Correct issues in KUD Addons installation

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