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Multimedia File AAI Weekly Call - 2019-10-02.mp4 Oct 02, 2019 by Jimmy Forsyth


Jimmy Forsyth

Pavel Paroulek

Ondrej Frindrich

Benjamin Cheung

William LaMont

Francis Paquette

Giulio Graziani

Tian Lee

Manisha Aggarwal

Kuldeep Negi

Venkata Harish Kajur

Steven Blimkie

Lukasz Rajewski

Shirley Morgan



Use-case modellingOPEN

How is the heat load-balancer CDS use-case being modeled in A&AI? What is being mapped to the generic-vnf, vnfc and vf-module? What is the relationship between vnfc and vf-module?

For example in case of the vFW there are 2 vf-modules being instantiated (one for packet generator and the other for vFW) and they are being modeled as 2 generic-vnfs.

Are there any guidelines on modeling heat use-cases?


Need to know if the ZTE team who built ESR intends to continue to support this sub-project in Frankfurt.  Multiple Jira issues were not worked in Dublin / El Alto, which leads me to think that the ESR project might need to be deprecated.  Inviting Bo Lv and Huabing Zhaoto see what the current status is.

AAI-2653 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AAI-2640 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Pain, pain, pain.  218 items that must be documented currently across the AAI repos, expanding all the time.

1) We need a repo strategy 

2) We need a maintenance strategy

3) We need a versioning strategy

4) We need responsible parties for each repo / component

5) Strategy for oparent dependency management

AAI Openlab Tenant SpaceOPEN

A kubernetes cluster is installed in WR using RKE

NFS node is

Followed these instructions

Need to determine what gets installed, testing opportunities, CSIT, distribution flows, etc.

Upcoming R6 Functional RequirementsBenjamin CheungIN PROGRESS

Release 6 (Frankfurt) proposed use cases and functional requirements

Use Case Realization Call: September 25, 2019

AAF / AAUI data preloadOPEN

Status on 

AAI-2475 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AAF-986 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Search guard issueGiulio GrazianiOPEN

AAI-2617 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Search guard container no longer available so elasticsearch-sg won't build.  Search guard allows us to secure the elastic communication, which in older versions was not available but newer versions have support for secure communication.

Consider opendistro as replacement for search-guard

Can we consider this one:

v17 schema for FrankfurtON HOLD

Since the CCVPN SOTN proposal is in progress already, could we have the v17 schema introduced into master branch to receive the updates for Frankfurt release? AAI-2607 - Getting issue details... STATUS

See also AAI-CCVPN-Extension-SOTN Proposals for Frankfurt Release and AAI-2593 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AAI-2594 - Getting issue details... STATUS already added some v17 files but needs more work to be complete.


Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Fix Version(s)

Docker images not pushingJimmy ForsythDONE

docker pull - 1.5.1 pushed, will be release version
docker pull - 1.5-STAGING-latest available, no tagged images

docker pull - 1.5.2 pushed, will be release version

docker pull - 1.5.1, will be release version

docker pull - 1.5-STAGING-latest available, no tagged images  AAI-2595 - Getting issue details... STATUS

docker pull - same as search data service

docker pull  - 1.5.1 will be release version

docker pull  - 1.5.1 will be release version

docker pull - 1.5-STAGING-latest, no tagged images

Want to migrate to an actively support maven docker plugin since Spotify docker plugin.  Consider - an example is aai/resources

Alpine imagesDmitry PuzikovDONE

Jenkins jobs needed to create / push the common alpine image that the AAI containers will use, still need this completed before we merge the outstanding commits.

AAI-2574 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AAI-2580 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Consider adding glow root profiling for AAI Microservices

Performance IssueOPEN

Brian Freeman reported that when there are ~2400 vservers returned in a closed loop custom query, AAI takes minutes to respond.  We've discussed paging previously, any other ways to optimize this?

PUT 'https://aai.onap:8443/aai/v16/query?format=resource'


Spring Boot 2Jimmy ForsythIN PROGRESS

AAI-2111 - Getting issue details... STATUS

aai-common:1.5.2 (not released yet) will be the el-alto library for springboot 1.5.x microservices.  There needs to be some urgency to migrate the microservices to spring boot 2, since 1.5.3+ will not be backward compatible and so dependent applications might not have security updates if they stay on 1.5.2.  1.6.0 (Frankfort, currently master branch) aai-common will be springboot 2 so microservices must be updated by Frankfurt.  Springboot 1.5.21 is the latest (and last) version in the 1.5.x spring boot train.

Vetting DSL QueriesOPENWill discuss strategies AAI will employ to protect itself from rogue queries. 
New UI Features / Historical TrackingOPEN

The AT&T team has done an exciting POC at a sprint-a-thon event that they would like to share with the community.

ATT wants to contribute additional UI views to ONAP, want to discuss path forward

Open Action Items

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