"You are not the team 'owner,' but you are the manager, coach and referee.... design the plays, keep score, throw a flag now and then.”


The ONAP "Use Case/Requirement" Integration Lead is primarily responsible for testing all the features associated to a use case or the functionalities associated to a requirement.

This includes

  • defining the test plan for the use case and/or the requirement(s) submitted by the Use Case/Requirement Owner in alignment with the ONAP release schedule
  • identifying the testers that will develop the automated test cases associated to the Use Case and/or Requirement(s)
  • reporting the blockers and the tests results on the Integration Weather of the ONAP release
  • participating to the weekly Integration Meeting to provide use case/requirement(s) status from RC0.
  • working closely with the PTLs to remove any road block identified by the testers
  • regressing testing, with his/her testers, previously identified issues, in order to verify defects have been addressed and are no longer occurring.
  • documenting the testing results in the release note (ReadTheDoc)
  • performing regression automated test cases associated to the Use Case/Requirement(s) he/she is in charge.
  • providing any feedback, to the TSC, to improve his/her testing activities from a process, tool chain perspectives
  • supporting lead in the training of new testers and the ONAP community
  • depending on the nature of the Use Case/Requirement, the Integration lead may provide associated needed hardware. Integration project cannot guarantee to provide all the resources

The different actions may be summarized as follows:

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