The content of this template is expected to be fill out for M1 Release Planning Milestone.


Project NameEnter the name of the project
Target Release NameFrankfurt
Project Lifecycle StateIncubation. Refer to ONAP Charter, section 3.3 Project Lifecycle for further information
Participating Company AT&T, Nokia, Ericsson.


What is this release trying to address?

  1. New Features
    1. Instantiation mode: Macro orchestration of PNF-enabled Service Models (PNF PnP)
    2. Workflow addition: PNF Software upgrade
  2. Maturity and usability
    1.  Introduce new instantiation user-experience (in certain flows)
    2. Adhere to ONAP Logging Spec v1.2
    3. Dynamic workflows improvements
  3. Security
    1. Upgrade runtime JVM version
    2. Update Portal SDK version


REQ-53 - Getting issue details... STATUS REQ-84 - Getting issue details... STATUS

PNF software upgrade in R6 Frankfurt

VID-693 - Getting issue details... STATUS REQ-134 - Getting issue details... STATUS

VID-676 - Getting issue details... STATUS

REQ-64 - Getting issue details... STATUS REQ-68 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Minimum Viable Product

  • Instantiation of services, vnfs, pnfs, and vf modules
  • Change management and workflows support



Key Summary T Created Updated Due P Status Resolution


Key Summary T Due Reporter P Status Resolution

Longer term roadmap

  • "One-click" service design and instantiation
  • Dashboarding scheduled and ongoing change management

Release Deliverables

Indicate the outcome (Executable, Source Code, Library, API description, Tool, Documentation, Release Note, etc) of this release.

Deliverable NameDeliverable Description
VID applicationDocker
VID ChartConfigurable Helm Chart for VID, including MariaDB Schema and TLS keys
Release documentation and API descriptionReadTheDocs, ONAP WIKI pages




High level architecture diagram

VID fit within the ONAP Architecture in the runtime block:

Platform Maturity

Please fill out the centralized wiki page: Frankfurt Release Platform Maturity

API Incoming Dependencies

No new APIs are anticipated.

API Outgoing Dependencies

No new APIs are anticipated.

Third Party Products Dependencies

Third Party Products mean products that are mandatory to provide services for your components. Development of new functionality in third party product may or not be expected.
List the Third Party Products (OpenStack, ODL, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch,Crystal Reports, ...).


MariaDB 10.1 through helm chart adfinissygroup/k8s-mariadb-galera-centos:v004

DockerDocker container hostLatest

In case there are specific dependencies  (Centos 7 vs Ubuntu 16. Etc.) list them as well.

Testing and Integration Plans

About 1800 Unit tests are run automatically as part of every code merge.

A tests suite of about 700 tests is provided to verify the integrative functionality of UI/Backend pairing, and with external simulated SO, A&AI, SDC and database using UI tests and API tests.

Once the final container is built, it will be deployed and smoke-checked to ensure no errors occur during start-up.

Functional testing will occur to ensure that the use cases are functioning correctly.


This section is used to document a limitation on a functionality or platform support. We are currently aware of this limitation and it will be delivered in a future Release.
List identified release gaps (if any), and its impact.

Gaps identifiedImpact
To fill outTo fill out

Known Defects and Issues

Please refer to Frankfurt Defect Status


List the risks identified for this release along with the plan to prevent the risk to occur (mitigation) and the plan of action in the case the risk would materialized (contingency).

Please update any risk on the centralized wiki page - Frankfurt Risks


Fill out the Resources Committed to the Release centralized page.

Release Milestone

The milestones are defined at the Release Level and all the supporting project agreed to comply with these dates.

Team Internal Milestone

This section is optional and may be used to document internal milestones within a project team or multiple project teams. For instance, in the case the team has made agreement with other team to deliver some artifacts on a certain date that are not in the release milestone, it is erecommended to provide these agreements and dates in this section.

It is not expected to have a detailed project plan.

To fill outTo fill outTo fill out

Documentation, Training

Please update the following centralized wiki: Frankfurt Documentation

That includes

  • Team contributions to the specific document related to he project (Config guide, installation guide...).
  • Team contributions to the overall Release Documentation and training asset
  • High level list of documentation, training and tutorials necessary to understand the release capabilities, configuration and operation.
  • Documentation includes items such as:
    • Installation instructions
    • Configuration instructions
    • Developer guide
    • End User guide
    • Admin guide
    • ...


The Documentation project will provide the Documentation Tool Chain to edit, configure, store and publish all Documentation asset.

Other Information

  • Vendor Neutral

If this project is coming from an existing proprietary codebase, ensure that all proprietary trademarks, logos, product names, etc. have been removed. All ONAP deliverables must comply with this rule and be agnostic of any proprietary symbols.

  • Free and Open Source Software

FOSS activities are critical to the delivery of the whole ONAP initiative. The information may not be fully available at Release Planning, however to avoid late refactoring, it is critical to accomplish this task as early as possible.
List all third party Free and Open Source Software used within the release and provide License type (BSD, MIT, Apache, GNU GPL,... ).
In the case non Apache License are found inform immediately the TSC and the Release Manager and document your reasoning on why you believe we can use a non Apache version 2 license.

Each project must edit its project table available at Project FOSS.

Charter Compliance

The project team comply with the ONAP Charter.