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Linux Foundation Support Staff

General Manager, Networking, IOT & Edge
Business Leadership

California, USA. UTC -8 (Pacific)
Linux Foundation HQ

Technical Program Manager
Membership & Cross Functional Program Oversight

California, USA. UTC -8 (Pacific)
Linux Foundation HQ

Sr Integrated Marketing Manager
Camas, WA USA. UTC -8 (Pacific)
Sr PR Manager
Vancouver, WA USA. UTC -8 (Pacific)

Release Manager
Software Release Management

Seattle, WA USA. UTC -8 (Pacific)

Community Staff

At the creation of the list, all PTLs are not yet elected. As the PTLs election progresses this list will be updated.

Feel free to contact the Release Manager for any questions.

1TSC Chair

Catherine Lefèvre

(replacing Mazin Gilbert)

Belgium, UTC +2
2TSC Vice ChairLingli DengBeijing, China. UTC +8
3Project Lead Active and Available Inventory (AAI)Michigan, USA, UTC -4
4Project Lead Application Authorization Framework (AAF)

Jonathan Gathman (replacing Ram Koya)

St. Louis, MO, USA, UTC -6, USA
5Project Lead Application Controller (APPC)Middletown, New Jersey USA. UTC -4
6Project Lead CLAMP (CLAMP)Gervais-Martial NguekoBelgium, UTC +2
7Project Lead Command Line Interface (CLI)Kanagaraj ManickamBangalore, India. UTC +5:30
8Project Lead Common Controller SDK (CCSDK)Middletown, NJ USA. UTC -4:00
9Project Lead Data Collection Analytics and Events (DCAEGEN2)

New Jersey, USA. UTC -4:00

10Project Lead Data Movement as a Platform (DMAAP)Dallas, TX USA UTC -5:00
11Project Lead Documentation (DOC)

Sofia Wallin

(replacing Rich Bennett Interim) (replacing Gregory Glover)

Stockholm, Sweden UTC+2
12Project Lead External API Framework (EXTAPI)Lannion, France UTC +2
13Project Lead Holmes (HOLMES)Chengdu, China. UTC +8
14Project Lead Integration (INT)Bridgewater, NJ, USA UTC -4
15Project Lead Logging Enhancements Project (LOG)Ottawa, Canada UTC -05:00
16Project Lead Microservices Bus (MSB)Chengdu, China. UTC +8
17Project Lead Modeling (MODELING)Beijing, China. UTC +8
18Project Lead Multi VIM/Cloud (MULTICLOUD)

Bin Yang (replacing lixinhui)

Beijing, China. UTC +8:00
19Project Lead Music (MUSIC)Bedminster, NJ, USA

Project Lead ONAP Operations Manager (OOM)

Sylvain Desbureaux (temp)

(replacing Mike Elliott)

(replacing David Sauvageau)

Ottawa, ON - Canada, UTC-4
21Project Lead Optimization Framework (OPTFRA)Shankaranarayanan Puzhavakath NarayananBedminster, USA UTC -4
22Project Lead Policy Framework (POLICY)Pamela DragoshBedminster, NJ USA, EST, UTC -4:00
23Project Lead Portal Platform (PORTAL)Bedminster, NJ USA, EST, UTC -4:00
24Project Lead Service Design & Creation (SDC)Lod, Israel. UTC +3
25Project Lead Service Orchestrator (SO)Bangalore, India. UTC +5:30
26Project Lead Software Defined Network Controller (SDNC)Middletown, NJ USA. UTC -4:00
27Project Lead Usecase UI (USECASEUI)

xu ran

(replacing Tao Shen )

Beijing, China. UTC +8:00
28Project Lead Virtual Infrastructure Deployment (VID)Israel. UTC +3
29Project Lead Virtual Function Controller (VFC)Yan Yang

Beijing, China. UTC +8

30Project Lead VNF Requirements (VNFRQTS)Trevor LovettDallas, USA, UTC -5:00
31Project Lead VNF SDK (VNFSDK)XiAn, China. UTC +8:00
32Project Lead VNF Validation Program (VVP)San Ramon, USA, UTC -8:00
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