The message flow defined by O-RAN Alliance reuses the ONAP message flow.

The device reports that a file with 3GPP PM defined xml format is available for upload. The 3GPP mapper converts the file into VES messages.

Please see also: PM-Mapper (5G Usecase)

ONAP/O-RAN Performance monitoring management NetworkME - Managed Element File Management MnS Consumer File Management MnS Provider File Management MnS Provider VES Collector VES Collector File Collector File Collector DMaaPmessage router DMaaPmessage router DMaaPdata router DMaaPdata router 3gpp PM mapper 3gpp PM mapper File Consumer File Consumer VES consumer VES consumer New file is available on ME [01]«HTTP/TLS» FileReady Event [02]push topic loop [03]pull topic [04]new file exists [05]«FTPeS or SFTP» Upload File [06]file data [07]file data [08]file data [09]file data [10]VES performance event [11]VES performance eventLicenseApache 2.0Thanks to plantUml!2019-11-21 | |

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