Agenda Items

AAI developers session info: 20200630 AAI Developers Meeting.mp4

Attendees: William Reehil

James Forsyth

Venkata Harish Kajur


TitleResponsibleStatusLast discussedNotes
1Calendar IssuesWilliam ReehilPending6/30

We discussed issues with the onap calendar here Community Meetings & Calendar A&AI meetings were not showing up, Jimmy raised this concern to Kenny Paul

2Discussed Schema Service EmailWilliam ReehilPending6/30Sent an email to Igor discussing some questions he had on spring boot 2 and schema service.
3PTL ElectionWilliam Reehil Pending6/30Going on until tomorrow.
42 Sonar ServersWilliam ReehilPending6/30

What are we doing about the deprecated sonar server, should we redirect the old url to the new url? Ask this on PTL call

6/30 sent an email to onap-tsc and onap-discuss to pose the question of redirecting

5Self Repo creationWilliam ReehilPending6/16

Link for self repo creation:

William/Jimmy will look into this for creating the new sparky extensions repository

6Certificates (Who Owns Updating?)

6/16Ideally when container starts certs should be generated and mounted. (Need to define the approach and how to get it implemented) Amdocs used to handle the certificates for their contributed microservices, which they no longer support. 
7RisksWilliam ReehilPending6/30

Discussed Risks with Catherine

Open questions on  REQ-361 - Getting issue details... STATUS