When: Fridays (weekly) 12:00-13:00 UTC


OrganizerToine Siebelink

Date Range

  through   For minutes after this date please continue to :  Configuration Persistence Service Jakarta Meeting Notes & Recordings



R6 / R7


Read the Docs

  • ACTION: Update ReadtheDocs - Jira under Integration - invite team for review - invite PTL (Morgan R.) -Gerrit PTL submission +1 from reviewers. committer/Morgan +2 (someone in Integration project will do the Merge)
  • New project → Repo → DOC directory (RST) in that Repo Andreas Geissler  → Signoff for R6 May 2020; M0 for R7. If we are approved by TSC as a new project → create a new Repo

R7 Guilin

Content / requirements

Requests for R7 Requirements are up.

Guilin release - functional requirements proposed list

Timeline -  Sign-off for R6 is May 7. Historically M0 kickoff for R7 is May 7th


  1. R7 Project Proposal (identify PTL, Project proposal, setup repo)
  2. =STEP 0= Initial Database Setup
  3. =STEP 0= (Design time), (Setup DB) Yang Model development ORAN specification Yang Model in line with 3GPP. SQL structure.
  4. =STEP 0= Schema design & API
  5. =STEP 1= CMnotify generated by RanSIM extended (final standard format).
  6. =STEP 1= VES generation, Nokia Simulate DU → simulate VES CMNotify message.
  7. =STEP 1-6= CMNotify (Nokia) Integration Step 2,3,4 with SON work Step 1,5,6
  8. =STEP 5/6= Mapping CMnotify contents into DB
  9. =STEP 5a= New Development for Independent component to get VES off of DMaaP
  10. =STEP 6= API Updates
  11. =STEP 6= Interface to RTCDB (writing DB from SDN-R or RCDB-stand-alone-component)


  • STEP 0: Design time, Setup DB schema & API (Onboarding).
  • STEP 1: xNF (RAN Simulator) GENERATES a VES CMNotify - Wipro SON (R6 Done)
  • STEP 1a: Simulator of VES CMNotify/"Standardsdefined/CM" (Nokia) (R7)
  • STEP 2: DCAE VES Collector RECEIVES the CMNotify (VES) - Nokia (R7)
  • STEP 3: DCAE PROCESSES VES Event- Nokia (R7)
  • STEP 4: DCAE PUBLISHES onto DMaaP - Nokia (R7)  REQ-327 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • STEP 5: CCSDK (Controller) LISTENS to DMaaP - Sandeep Shah  (R6 Done) → (R7) CCSDK-2392 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • STEP 5a: RTCDB (stand-alone component) LISTENS to DMaaP (R7 new)
  • STEP 6: RTCfgDB UPDATES DB with info - Sandeep Shah / Techmahindra (R6 Done) → (R7)


STEP 1...6: Initial A&AI setup of DB (the setup of the DB with the initial set of all xNFs a "getall")

STEP 1...6: A&AI Update (e.g. a new xNF is added or deleted)

R7 TopicDescription & Links

Usage of CPS -

OOF/SON/PCI (Cell info)

E2E Network Slicing (Slicing info)

Harmonization (Stnd-Def VES)

Virtual F2F mentioned the CPS project.

Those other use cases have dependency to Use cases.

We need to attend U/C weekly meetings; sync

Guilin (R7) - Use Cases (and Requirements in Use Cases)

Guilin release - functional requirements proposed list

OOF SON interaction REQ-345 - Getting issue details... STATUS

NFR for CCSDK/SDN-C in the Guilin Impact View per Component

Interaction & Dependencies Use Case

Interaction spreadsheet

Sync between these teams.

Joint meeting - Invitee on a particular in the schedule

TSC Project Proposal

Configuration Persistence Service Project

Project Home Pagesample-landingpage Project Home Page
Project Repository

Create Repo: Resources and Repositories (Deprecated)

Process to create Repo. Ticket

Architecture S/C

Architecture Proposal

ONAP Architecture Review process:Project Architectural Review Requirements and Process (Draft) to M1 Project PTLs/Feature Sponsors request a review by email from the chair of the arch subcommittee. The chair of the arch subcommittee creates a JIRA issue for the review and emails a link to the project PTL. The project PTL/Feature Sponsor adds the JIRA issue link to the architecture review JIRA task in the M1 epic, as confirmation that a review has been requested.

R7 Wiki PageConfiguration & Persistency Service R7

For Honolulu REQ-Jira (copied from REQ-322)

Configuration & Persistency Service: (Code Impact)

  • Leverage (Maria DB) as mS CPS to support the logical data model/devise model.
  • Build the data model for real time presentation of 5G network and store the network element data to the CPS database
  • Initialize CPS Database including A&AI setup, database schema setup, with initial values.
  • Receive Config information updates from SDN-R via Netconf and with VES notification.
  • Support all vendor specific Configuration Information Model ( CIM/Yang)
  • Impact: Code Impact
  • Companies Supporting: Ericsson, Nokia, AT&T, WiPro
  • Number Developers/Testers: 7

Email Swami:

PFB comment from TSC for the OOF SON requirement. With reference to resource commitment:

  • Policy: Pam - Shall I indicate AT&T shall cover it, while we subsequently discuss what all enhancements we can do in Guilin timeframe, as well as check reg. some of the aspects where you indicated use case team should contribute (e.g., separate Drools file, which would have to be done by Wipro).
  • SDN-R/CCSDK: Sandeep - Shall I indicate IBM?
  • CPS: Shankar/Ben - Given the Guilin release timeframe, I think we have to go for the simplest option (1) and indicate no impact to CPS, where we only change the yang models, and SDN-R continues to do the mapping. modify CCSDK solution to extend interfaces (OOF/SON/PCI Team updates). R7 Solution of C&PS (evolution "ConfigDB" = C&PS) Hard code information
  • R6 C&PS 1.0 = CCSDK/SDNC solution / R7 C&PS 1.1 = CCSDK/SDNC evolution+MDCPS PoC / R8 C&PS 2.0 = Standalone component
R7 GuiLin Development

CMNotify specification

  • (Watch for): R6 VES 7.1.1 Baselined  (VES Event Reg review) and (VES Event Listener review)
    R7 VES 7.2 review open new updates to the VES listener should include CM VES event. Participate review.
  • ACTION: R7 VES Common Header update to align with 3GPP SA5 (CR) Nokia/ ATT/ Orange/ Ericsson. Presentation for Monday 2PM UTC on Alla's Req S/C call. "ONAP-ORAN Harmonization". Vimal, Marge, Cormac, Damian. Domain "Standards-Defined" NameSpace "3GPP-CM-xxxx"
  • The CCSDK work will be in OOF SON PCI team CCSDK-2392 - Getting issue details... STATUS should be mapped to REQ-345 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • (Generic Requirement) to consider Non-Real Time RIC Pawel Slowikowski
Model Driven C&PS PoC

Proposal (by Ciaran Johnston et al) as a step of Model Driven ONAP, Model Driven CPS. See slides in the Project Proposal page, and also in the R7 CPS Wiki. 

Question: Graph DB? Answer: type of data from xNF to be hierarchical which would fit in a Graph DB. doesn't have to be that though. Likely to be one or more underlying database technologies. time series.

Question: Model driven CPS, uS on-boarding in CCSDK. If you plan to do modeling work in R7, consensus from Arch S/C. Answer: would need CPS team, modeling, Arch S/C to be aligned. Want something that can be demonstrated/delivered in R7.

Question: Are there dependencies on platform components? Answer: TBD

- Looking at internal sourcing to get development resources. Sync with theodore johnson

  - Status ready to cut code off of x CC-SDK repo. Ongoing analysis. Resourcing Toine has started, 2 new people will be added in August 1, 2020. Present to Architecture S/C before end of July. Engaged Modeling S/C. Visible Yang modeled to be consumed in ONAP. Modeling work will happen in

TopicPage or Wiki
PoC Poge
PoC Issues, Decisions and AssumptionsIssues page: Issues decisions and assumptions

PoC Jira REQ-384 - Getting issue details... STATUS

PoC Story Jiras

CCSDK CCSDK-2508 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Modeling Jira: MODELING-382 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Time Series management


  • Choice of IT DB (feeds in). Choice of DB to best fit to the use case. Implement TSDB in PostGres or MariaDB, SQL extensions for TS analysis. Issue is how good is the performance. Not as good as specialized Influx DB. Postgres 10 direct it to store TS DB similar to influx. Database derived from postgres. Timescale DB derived from postres.
  • PM Data how to aggregate avg. performance over time. for ML training data or ML model input.
  • Ted Johnson MCX app, RT RIC - Nokia to install influx DB to manage TS.

Model Concept for PoC & presentation

Support for CPS Model Driven PoC R8+

xNF models. Access to CPS DB info.

State Database PoC

Bruno Sakoto  , Olivier Phénix

Bell Canada Leading a PoC related to State management using the CPS project. Communication via Kafka topic (DMaaP).

Question: Are there dependencies on platform components? Answer: TBD

Wiki: in progress

Bruno Sakoto - Listen to Recording from  

Question from Samuli Silvius  - State Management was interesting could we get the basic arch picture and def lines of description? Having references e.g. to A&AI is better solution than planned CPS to copy inventory data ANSWER: We are going to prepare a public page and share with you.

Network Slicing & C&PS

CPS w.r.t. Network Slicing: (Swami)

For the Network Slicing use case, we are still working out the details RAN slicing, and are also in discussion with O-RAN folks. We expect it to take 1-2 weeks to conclude. Once it is fairly clear, we should discuss reg. the CPS impacts for Guilin.

For now, we have created Jira SDNC-1199 for the CPS requirements for this use case. As of now, we may not have resources to commit for implementing the updates in CPS (but still checking), in this scenario, there are 2 alternatives:

  1. The impacts to CPS (which I expect to be persistence & retrieval of some basic RAN slice config related data) can be handled by existing CPS committed resource


  1. The details are stored ‘locally’ in a DB in SDN-C for example. In the next release, it is moved to CPS.

(EMAIL) from Swami  

For Network Slicing use case, for RAN Slicing, we will be needing a minimal set of information elements for initial RAN configuration and network slice-subnet specific configuration. Our current R7 GUILIN proposal is to extend ConfigDB with the required aspects for Guilin release, and once CPS takes off as an official ONAP project in HOLULU R8 H-release, the work can be taken over into CPS.

R8 Honolulu Discussion

Requirement S/C

Presention on July 27th  

R8 TSC /

Project Proposal

Configuration Persistence Service Project

  • ACTION: PERFORMANCE - Open (#@#) open items to get ballpark figures for # API requests.
  • ACTION: TSC Scheduling & Presentation - Represent at the TSC -   (TSC canceled); Tues R6 status; Thursday for general topics . Stakeholders of TSC presocialization Q&A. Schedule pre-review meeting w/ people who asked questions. SCHEDULE MAY 28 TSC 2020-05-28 and scheduled for  JUNE 4 2020 TSC 2020-06-04
  • ACTION: Deadline? - M0/M1 project proposal objective by the TSC.
  • ACTION: Peer Review Process Step #1 - ONAP Projects - Presentation to ARCH S/C

Recurring Agenda Items

Software Status






Software Status

CPS Mapper Service

  • Presented from krishna moorthy
  • Discussion of Mapper Service
  • CPS engage Slice Teams (Mon slicing weekly)

Release R8



Martin Vezeau

Software Status

Release R8

  • CPS Release tasks:  Getting issues...
    Propose to be closed for new features/requirement. Already committed to:
    • E2E Network Slicing. Sync up with PTL
    • Son (Stretch)
    • Temporal DB (no REQ yet?)

E2E Network Slicing

  • Presentation from Tony Finnerty on E2E NW  integration with CPS (, PPT)
  • E2E Needs 2 sets of data 
    1. Slicing specific model. Fred Feisullin has a diagram describing that data S9tored in CPS)
    2. Needs some CM data but not depending on notifications (available through xNF Proxy)
  • This mean the 'current' model provided by Sandeep Shah needs to be split?
  • Data will be pre-loaded using 'config' files or something similar by xNF Proxy
  •  Resourcing
    • xNF Proxy not resourced (need to explore, ask on onap discuss, swami will consider too)
    • DES-Like Data model transformers will be resourced by E2E Team
  • CPS engage Slice Teams (Mon slicing weekly) ?

Release R8



Software Status

Software Quality

  • Sonar Report
  • Silver Badge (Niamh) Need some further investigation
    Bruno Sakoto  can find out maybe from Policy Framework project

M2 Milestones

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

Swami, planning next

Support for Vertical Industry

E2E Network Slicing

  • Discuss current API ie. what data and queries are required
    1. CPS Interface
    2. xNfProxy interface (for data owned by xNfProxy)
    3. API Mapping DES-Like interface  (query templates)
      1. Where to host code? temporary in CPS Repo
      2. proposal: CPS APIs  and CPS-TBDMT Service
      3. query/template will be link to a schema-set(id)
      4. network call information about multiple xNF instances, this needs to be addressed
        For Honolulu it is preferred to keep 1 singel instance?!
      5. Even if 1 anchor (with agreed id) we have add that to interfaces
  • Will continue in Monday E2E Network Slicing Meeting:


Introduction New team Member:  Hanif Kukkalli

DB Schema

Software Status

M2 Milestones

  • CPS R8 Release Planning
  • Deployment in ONAP and related requirements such as documentation were agreed to be a major risk/unknown impact for this new team. Task investigating what is required need to be prioritized
  • Benjamin Cheung kindly agreed to present detail about  ONAP documentation/process in next week meeting 
  • Toine Siebelink will works with swam to identify E2E Network Slicing related user stories such as those required for the new models mentioned below.
  • Bruno Sakoto will work with Toine to define a list of user stories for the Temporal DB aspects
  • One all user stories have been identified a team meeting is required to agree what is feasible in the Honolulu time frame

Architecture Update

  • Short Presentation by Tony Finnerty  CPS-MVP-Component-Responsibility.pptx
    • CPS consist of 3 main components
      1. DB   Generic Yang data store
      2. CPS (core) CRUD access control, ownership
      3. xNF Proxy. Cache for CM data
    • Additional we will have  
      1. Model-Transform (DES Like modified view)
    • Suggested name for API Mapp/DES like transformer: TemplateBasedDataModelTransformer
    • TemplateBasedDataModelTransformer will be separate service from CPS and XNF Proxy. for reason of scalability and segregation of responsibilities

E2E Network Slicing Use Case

  • Sandeep Shah has presented an overview 'new model' that will represent the 'external; data' not captured in the RAN Network model. Thing like Near RTRIC mapping.:
    • 4 models are proposed, all of them contain at least E2E NW Slicing data and some also contain SON data.
    • Approx. 15-20 queries are being proposed. However is is expected these can all be executed using the same core CPS and xNF Proxy functionality:
      • qualified cpsPath query (get). assuming each model is stored/associated with its own Anchor. Or the models are tied together using an overarching parent model (yang module). To be discussed!
  • Swaminathan Seetharaman and Toine Siebelinkagreed to track each model as a user story under  CPS-168 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • The queries can be subtasks of a single query user story assuming all queries need the same basic CPS Cor and xNF Proxy functionality



Software Status


M3 :'code freeze' Thurday  !!!

E2E Network Slicing Use Case

  • Agreed name  API Mapp/DES like transformer: TemplateBasedDataModelTransformer
  • Progress on models and query details...
    • CPS-196 - Getting issue details... STATUS  E2E Slicing team will provide data sample and query information when ready
    • CPS-199 - Getting issue details... STATUS  E2E Slicing team will provide query and 'update' information when ready
    • CPS-200 - Getting issue details... STATUS  E2E Slicing team will provide query and 'update' information when ready

Breakdown of user stories discussion:

  • New function: retrieve DataNode WITHOUT children, do we need this?
  • Do we need separate user stories for:
    • Store & retrieve (keyed) Lists
    • Store & retrieve leaves (standard attributes)
    • Store & retrieve leafLists
  • Alternatively work on E2E Slicing models and handle 'bugs' for what is not working
    Team agreed to handle functionality through bugs as issues with E2E Models and Data samples arise
    Tests wil need to be added for specific functionality like stores leaves, leafLists etc
  • Update functionality (no epic or user stories yet!)
    • E2E network slicing only required CSP updates (no forwarding of updates to NF required as this is done elsewhere already)
    • What types of updates do we need (what is achievable in Honolulu)  
      Ahila suggested to use Yang Patch payload, see
      Will try to get more details by next week. 


Demo video from LFN Developer and Testing Forum (Feb 2020)


Software Status

E2E Network Slicing Use Case

  • Progress on models and query details...
    • CPS-196 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Data provided today, Aditya Puthuparambil  wil follow up
    • CPS-199 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Get scenarios can be fulfilled using current get by xpath end point in CPS. Aditya Puthuparambilwil prepare demo for next weeks meeting
    • CPS-200 - Getting issue details... STATUS  E2E Slicing team will provide query and 'update' information when ready


Software Status

M3 :'code freeze' Thursday 

E2E Network Slicing Use Case

Demo (CPS core functionality using E2E Slicing data samples)

TBDMT is under development by krishna moorthy code needs to be integrated in CPS Repo (temporary) a a module.

Aditya Puthuparambil has demonstrated E2E scenarios and queries related to  CPS-199 - Getting issue details... STATUS  see CPS User Story Demos

Toine Siebelink has shown overview of possible query and update scenarios. CPS Team needs input from E2E NW for the scenarios required by them with data examples and possibly SQL statements etc, Swaminathan Seetharaman will propose follow up meeting for Tuesday  examples and data can hopefully be provided earlier

Benjamin Cheung requested CPS Team to join Use Case Realization meeting on  1400 UTC as the Intent Based Network Framework & Modeling (IBN) use case team would be interested in using CPS....


Software Status
Ruslan Kashapov is finalizing study on CIST integration tests. Goal is E2E test for CPS applications. Team is free to use any testing method but might be restricted by reporting options. Infrastructure setup might suffice for H-timeframe.
Toine Siebelink will contact Chaker Al-Hakimre. template for architecture  is finalizing study on CIST integration tests. Goal is E2E test for CPS applications. Team is free to use any testing method but might be restricted by reporting options. Infrastructure setup might suffice for H-timeframe. will contact re. template for architecture documentation. Benjamin Cheungmade a clever suggestion to draft documentation in a Wiki and once reviewed and finalized convert to RST files. This would speed up the review process!

M3 :'code freeze' Thursday 

  • Getting issues...

OOM Integration update  Aditya Puthuparambil and/or Claudio David Gasparini
Build issues seem resolved. OOM can now finalize Helm Charts etc. There seem to be superfluous image and issues with the version number that Bruno Sakoto and Claudio David Gasparini will fix. 

E2E Network Slicing Use Case

  • CPS APIs API methods #2 and #21 will be prioritized for H release
    • Both methods use E2E Slicing specific model through CPS-Core. This means NF-Proxy interface not required (for E2E Slicing)
    • #2 requires new query: CPS-235: Overview of (early) CPS Query query #3 This will be handled as a 'bug' as code freeze date is to close
      #2 also requires a 'with children' option on the query, also to be handled as a 'bug'
    • #21 is a simple 'get' by xpath with children which is already supported by CPS Core.
      Latest Model & Data sample need to be confirmed, Toine Siebelink suspect latest data.txt sample provided in  CPS-199 - Getting issue details... STATUS  is not inline with model. CPS Code has a later data sample. Niamh Corewill update the Jira with the correct sample.
  • TBDMP Integration as submodule to be discussed with Claudio David Gasparini 
    TBDMP Sub repo in progress, split in separate commits: structure, code, tests.  Need to think abut structure and split the PoC in required modules. E2E Slicign team will drive required tasks, track in Jira et with support from CPS Team. 
    krishna moorthy will handle deployment? For now as uService as subschart in CPS but TBDMT should remain independent of CPS! Claudio David Gasparini can support with OOM integration
  • Explore Yang-Patch, E2E. 
    Sandeep Shahshowed a basic example of a a Yang Patch with an  'edit' operation:

    Yang Patch Example
      "ietf-yang-patch:yang-patch": {
        "patch-id": "Patch 1",
        "comment": "patch for phy-cell-id-in-use for a cell",
        "edit": [
            "edit-id": "edit",
            "operation": "merge",
            "target": ${},
            "value": {
              "phy-cell-id-in-use": ${tmp.phy-cell-id-in-use}

    Patches are transactional, if one fails, all fail (and rollback of already completed steps)
    Patches are NOT used for adding elements to a Yang List

AOB: Benjamin Cheung invited CPS Team to join Use Case Realization meeting on  1400 UTC to discuss CPS possibilities for collaboration with Intent Based Networking Project


Software Status
1 bugs on OOM integration,  fixes are submitted but there is still a follow up issue which Aditya Puthuparambilis working on with support from Sylvain Desbureaux
Read-the-doc is set-up. see content to be completed after M3.

NF Proxy Early Design, presentation by Tony FinnertyCPS-NCMP-Design.pptx
Tony explained the reasoning for new terms
'Network CM Proxy' NCMP
'CMHandle' which will replace the term 'Anchor' in the context of CM Proxy
recommend to read about NMDA

M3 :'code freeze' Thursday 

  • Getting issues...
    PLEASE CLOSE ANY TASK THAT IS DONE! Change 'fix version' tag to Istanbul for anything that wont (need to) make Honolulu

E2E Network Slicing Use Case

  • CPS APIs API methods #2 and #21 will be prioritized for H release
  • TBDMT code in sub-repo:
    • Build issues. Claudio David Gaspariniexplained we need to raise a ticket on LNF and create a ci-management change.
    • OOM integration, we are probably too late for this but krishna moorthywill start process anyway with support from Bruno Sakotoand Claudio David Gasparini
      OOM integration of TBDMT needs to remain independent of OOM integration of CPS!
      As a fall back option TBDMT can be manually added to an ONAP deployment for demo or a local deployment an be used.
    • Need to support at least 2 CPS endpoints.. Get and 'Query'.
      The query endpoint is ' <server>/cps/api/v1/dataspaces/dataspace/anchors/anchor/nodes/query
      Demo available in  this video.
      Krishna wil handle this requirement as a 'bug' after M3

AOB:Benjamin CheungBenjamin Cheungand Tony Finnerty met with Intend Based Network Team.  Tony does not expect and 'special' work for team but probably support to help them how to get the most out of CPS.


Software Status

Aditya still investigating Template issue re stateful Pod for DB, Support from Sylvain, Krystof needed. 
Security issues not blocking Release
Master Branch version for Istanbul will be 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT
CPS-274 Bruno will test solution
Documentation Tony suggested to refer to
Silver Badge; Achieved, record on
Niamh Core demoed query user stories with  this video. and this video → Error handling needs to be improved, created  CPS-276 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Istanbul Requirements

Swaminathan Seetharaman will create new REQ's for E2E Slicing and SON PIC (scope to be still discussed internally)

  • Future of TBDMT, not clear is nice as part of CPS but will require additional resourcing as much work still needed like integration, conform to CPS-Core quality standards etc. Swaminathan Seetharamanand krishna moorthywill prepare slides to follow up this discussion next week with a view to take it to Arch. Committee.

E2E Network Slicing Use Case

  • CPS APIs How to continue?
    Proposed to split according to 'operation' 2 teams of 2. Toine Siebelinkwill create Jira's to track this work. If needed CPS team can meet E2E team middle of next week for further clarification.
    see  CPS-277 - Getting issue details... STATUS  and  CPS-278 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Software Status

OOM blocked, RC0 postponed by 1 week CPS team just waiting on OOM to merge (gating jobs are passing)
CPS-290 more scenarios of 500 error to be discussed

Presentation on E2E slicing
Ruhal Tyagi (Ericsson)

E2E Network Slicing Use Case

  • Presentation on TBDMT by Swaminathan Seetharaman and krishna moorthy

    'Home' for TBDMT for review with ArchCom
    Template need to be aware of Model/Version
    Versioning could be part of ID
    Template should be applicable to range of versions
    Preferred by Team: TBDMT stay in CPS. Main concern is Resourcing. 
    Swami will add slide with options and Pros & Cons and review slide again next week 

  • Owner of slicing 'config' data has to be the 'use-case' (not the TBDMT)

  • CPS-277 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Hanif Kukkalli  has started working in this spike
  • CPS-278 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Request for Feedback: Team WoW

Discussion: Bug Handling, dropping back to H?

  • Which bugs to dop back
  • Process for dopping back
    Toine Siebelink  will document a proposed WoW for bugs on confluence with help from team
    In general all bugs should eb fixed on main branch and dropped back to previous release. Consider API changes, user story Acceptance Criteria etc. If there is no API/behavior impact and it didn't break acceptance criteria then it could be an 'enhancement'. Claudio David Gasparini will prepare for discussion on backward (in)compatible updates next week


  • Agreed to change meeting duration back to 1h starting next week


Please note DST has started in US, This will affect attendees in zones with different DST rules

New to CPS : Rahul Tyagi Renu Kumari

Software Status

E2E Network Slicing Use Case


  • discuss CPS Release Process#StepstoDeliverReleasePatches 
    • Separate Release commit/patch ie. not part of bug fix itself. Typically only path-number (last digit) should be increased.
    • Release notes should be updated too
    • Release patch can include several bugs when needed
    • Minimal code for bug fix on master branch for ease of drop back (but test included)
    • Toine Siebelinkwill update above guidelines


Software Status


  • Meet next week Fri April 2?!  Ericsson holiday

Cancelled due to holiday


Please note DST has started in Europe

Software Status

- Official waiver from TSC for CPS-281 - Getting issue details... STATUS  so it can be postponed to Istanbul (no need to dropback to H)
- Security Hotspot, needs to be flagged as False Positive. Amy Zwarico  will follow up on this



Software Status

CPS Team need SON Model, awaiting response from Sandeep

  • CPS-320 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Need alternative solution but Renu Kumari will comment and propose way forward
    Regarding OOM Renu will also create a general OOM-updates ticket based on a pattern used in 'Policies'. Any OOM updates can be added as task to that ticket. Traditionally this was handled at end of any release but we are awaiting ng an OOM process improvement to have an earlier staging release to make these changes. Renu will communicate to team and OOM about this process
  • CPS-330 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Awaiting Son models. Sandeep Shahor Swaminathan Seetharaman will provide soon

A&AI has no inventory of simulated xNFs yet
SNDR workaround
RAN Simulator has list, possible as shortcut (N.K. Shankar)

  • CPS Path Documentation:
  • NCMP Requirement breakdown, see CPS-333 Network Configuration Management (NCMP) scope for I release considerations
  • Discussion with E2E Network Slicing regarding 'hardcoded ran-network-model':
    • Swaminathan Seetharaman (or his team) will investigate the feasibility of model-retrieval using RESTConf and NetConf from the Honeycomb(?) simulator used for their use-cases. Following the produce investigated and documented by Rahul Tyagiin  INT-1904 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • A&AI does currently not include/cover the simulated nodes used by E2E NW Slicing. NCMP should NOT try to solve this using SDNC/R or similar. If needed a 'shortcut' using a hardcoded list(file) with the simulator data until this functionality is added to A&AI.
    • A dedicated ONAP-Honeycomb-DMI plugin could be considered if needed e.g. if models can not be retrieved over RESTConf.
    • At the same time it might be required that NCMP in the I timeframe support both simulated nodes and nodes available in A&AI. Prioritization and feasibility (depending on resourcing too) of these options need to be discussed
    • At boot time of DMI Plugin it will need to inform NCMP (DMI-Registry) of all CMHandles its manages


  • Software Status
    • Spikes by Bruno and Renu to be reviewed by remainder of team (follow up meeting early next week)
    • CPS-36. Rishi remarked there is no docker-file yet for TempDB. Wil create separate task to do that first
    • Discussion on the fact TempDB is juts one module. It was greed that for simplicity it wil be kept like that until the need arises to split it. Bruno is also introducing an Architecture Quality Tool to ensure the singel module still has a god architecture that can always be dived into modules in the future
    • TBDMT. Question arose around need for (read-the-docs) documentation etc. Toine Siebelink will the requirement for TBDMT and make sure documentation is part of that.
    • New tasks suggested
      • Update read-the-docs for CPS with high level description of its components
      • Update & reorg wiki with good overview of current architecture of CPS and its components
  • NCMP road map, short presentation by Oskar Malm ONAP Rel I - NCMP Roadmap.pptx 
    • Note. Pass-thru wil include write operations. In Istanbul release only full re-sync wil be available to update CPS Core Cache after write operations...
  • E2E Network Slicing Update
    • Simulator findings, not available yet but Honeycomb is intended to be fully NetConf compatible. It might mean impacts on simulator are required...




  • Introductions Dylan Byrneand Joseph Keenan
  • Software Status
    • Possible on SonarQube coverage reporting in CPS-Temporal . Bruno Sakotowill create bug to address this
    • CPS is part of Trial for new way working for SonarQube:
      • ONAP Way profile created (copy of Sonar Way) which gives us control of when SonarQube updates come in
      • PTL (Toine) has now capability to flag false positives and mark Security hotspots as 'safe'.
  • Discussion regarding exact scope Istanbul
    • E2E Network Slicing detailed requirements
      • Will use CPS-Core only.
      • Upload model using rest endpoint as needed
      • CRUD Operations against data in CPS-Core  only for now
      • TBDMT will have some minor impacts when switching to NCMP interface  at a later stage (ie. specify dataspace). In any case it seems required that TBDMT can interface with both CPS(core) and NCMP
      • Ownership of data is important but does not require impacts in Istanbul 
    • Update on Simulator investigation
      • Honeycomb RAN Simulator should have capacity to retrieve model over NetConf/RESTConf interfaces using ODL
      • Should have no impacts on other components
      • Will check with Rahul Tyagihow to continue
      • This activity is part of  REQ-717 - Getting issue details... STATUS  and will run parallel with other Istanbul requirements
    • SON PCI
      • Similar approach as E2E Network slicing ie. use CPS-Core in Istanbul timeframe


  • Software Status
  • Update on CPS-391Spike: Define and Agree NCMP REST Interface
    • some open issues left re. datastore names and (fallback) behavior
    • REST URI format agreed (smile)
  • Ahila P  Some clarification required re. DMI-Plugin, node, model and data discovery

    Step 1 Node Discovery
    - If E2E simulation node not in A&AI: DMI PLugin has side-door REST endpoint to add (initial) inventory

    Step 2 Model Discovery
    After node is Added, NCMP wil trigger Model Discovery when needed
    2a NCMP wil request list of module (name)s from Node
    2b NCMP wil request yang-source for any module sit hasn't stored already (for other nodes)

    Junfeng Wang has some concerns about pre-conditions for node discovery. Ahila will add these details later

    DMI-Plugin interface, abstraction that allows flexibility to have other ways of discovering  initial inventory and inventory changes.
    Intention is that ONAP will only have one DMI-Plugin. Using a temporary 'side-door' to add any cm-handle not available through A&AI

    Step 3 Data Sync
    Not worked out yet
    Similar process and component involvement as Model Sync

Note. SON API to be discussed in 5G SON OOF use case meeting later today
See :


  • Software Status
    • Bug  CPS-450 - Getting issue details... STATUS  is fixed 
    • Bug  CPS-451 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Ruslan Kashapovhas attached the correct model. Is compatible with previous data already in system
    • 'Bug'  CPS-452 - Getting issue details... STATUS  is not a bug but a task or user story that needs to be executed as part of E2E slicing use case support
    • Latest findings on config=true/false support using SDN-C/ODL by Rishi Chail:
      ODL supports 'content' parameter and translates it to the equivalent NetConf operation(s). However current the tests how the same output even tough some elements are flagged as config 'false'. Claudio David Gasparini suggests using a different simulator to identify where the problem is. is and wil help Rishi with this.
      Oskar Malm noted that most current nodes do not support NMDA datastores (yet) So intention for Istanbul is to only support non-NMDA devices. Non-NMDA device will also use one model for config-false and config-true data.
  • Release Planning: CPS-333 Network Configuration Management (NCMP) scope for I release considerations
    Team made decisions on open issue as record on that page now.
  • A.O.B.
    2021 LFN Developer & Testing Forum June




No Meeting







  • Software Status
    • Dylan Byrneteam agreed change of 'additionalProperties' to 'cmHandleProperties' as the former is an Open API reserved word.  Niamh Core wil update Wiki pages affected.
    • CPS-205 - Getting issue details... STATUS  is re-assigned to Joseph Keenan
  • Problems reported by Ahila P
    • CPS-524 - Getting issue details... STATUS  was explained and has detailed steps and data to reproduce. Will be assigned to CPS Team member shortly
    • Toine Siebelink has sent Ahila Pdocumentation on how to use text() function. There was also a mismatch in property-name. Ahila will try again. 
    • Add list element and updating properties wil have to be done in 2 separate calls! Toine Siebelink has sent Ahila details about CPS-Core Patch URL to update leaves only.
  •  Holiday Cover
    • Bruno Sakotohas been set up for LastPass but need to test this.  Bruno will be absent too. So team has to plan for this..
  • Shiva Subedi started presenting CPS-506: List all known modules and revision team accepted reasoning to only use module-name and revision to uniquely identify a module. Namespace is not needed!  CPS-525 - Getting issue details... STATUS  has been created to deal with incorrect modules at some point in the future.


Dylan Byrne aditya puthuparambil Rahul Tyagi Shiva Subedi Joseph Keenan Luke Gleeson Renu Kumari
  • Software Status
    • Toine Siebelink was on annual leave so meeting was run by Dylan Byrne
    • Bug in progress by Dylan Byrne CPS-524 - Getting issue details... STATUS . Also relates to an issue regarding additional properties not being saved in  CPS-442 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Discussed workshop held by Ericsson team in Ireland, along with sprint retrospective.
    • Brought up current issues with code reviews, and how they can be conducted in a more efficient manner going forward, by breaking down commits into smaller chunks, and not recommitting non blocking issues where necessary approvals have already been made.
    • Renu Kumari brought up the question; how will these further commits be documented? And this was also discussed by the team
    • Dylan Byrne will create a code review best practices wiki which the team can contribute to with their opinions on what should count/not count towards blocking issues.




  • Software Status
    • Many SQ violation in CPS-Core and NCMP mainly about var-rule. Please use SQ locally to prevent these. Toine Siebelink will also discuss the value of the rule in PTL an see if it can be disabled
    • TBDMT Quality is also regressing and improvements proposed for Istanbul  to allign with CPS standards haven't been addressed yet. 
  • Discuss issues Sandeep Shah
    • CPS-591 - Getting issue details... STATUS Integers are represented as floats ('.0'  added in output) when read from DB. CPS Team will investigate now the issue is understood better
    • CPS-583 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Issue seems in TBDMT, awaiting response from krishna moorthy
    • Logging. Lack of logging Toine Siebelinkhas created task to document capture of CPS logs: CPS-604 - Getting issue details... STATUS  It might lead to an improvement to increase logging on positive scenarios.
  • Code Freeze & RC(0)
    • Team will need to focus on bugs, doc, CSIT & Demos. CSIT test and Demos might possibly be combined. Includes but not limited to: CPS-523 - Getting issue details... STATUS CPS-595 - Getting issue details... STATUS CPS-447 - Getting issue details... STATUS CPS-604 - Getting issue details... STATUS CPS-568 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
  • Release Process & Bugs. Bruno Sakotoexplained the process
    • See relevant child page on Configuration Persistence Service Developer's Landing Page
    • Istanbul will start with version 2.0.0 because of complete renewed NCMP interface
    • Pom files need to be updated with the correct version 
    • Team can decide when to deliver a few bugs together, step version and release new images.
  • Opening to ideas for Jakarta
    • Ownership & Access Control
  • Housekeeping
    • Replace this page with a new 'Jakarta' version after Code Freeze is agreed