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1. High Level Component Definition and Architectural Relationships 

  • Usecase-UI is an application portal which provides the ability to manage ONAP service instances. 

  • Usecase-UI allows customers to create/delete/update service instances, as well as to monitor the alarm and performance of these instances.

2. API definitions

Usecase-UI provides the following interfaces(Since Usecase-UI doesn't offer APIs,  we just provide the architecture of the two portal):

Interface Definition Interface CapabilitiesAPI Spec (Swagger)
UU-APIE-1Operator PortalUser interface for operators:
  • Customer management
  • Package management (including NS, VNF, PNF and IBN)
  • Service lifecycle management for use cases (including CCVPN, SOTN, 5G slicing and so on)
  • Monitor
  • Network topology management
usecase-UI architecture
UU-APIE-2Customer Portal

User interface for customer:

  • Service order
  • Service management
  • Service monitor
usecase-UI architecture

Note:   xxxI interface is a Component internal interface.  xxxxE interface is a component external interface

The provided UI interfaces are found at: Usecase-UI latest user guide

Usecase-UI consumes the following interfaces:

Interface Name

Interface Definition

 Interface Capabilities

API Spec (Swagger)
SDCE-6*SDC InterfaceAn interface to receive resource Templates from SDC design catalog.
SO-E-01*Service and Resource order requests

Service Instance management (Service, Volume Group, VF Module, VNF)

Health check, global and node.

Infrastructure provider management (Certificates, networks, sub-networks, security groups)
VFCE-2Service Orchestrator / Policy InterfaceAn interface to allow Service Orchestrator and Policy request NS Lifecycle Management ( ETSI SOL-005 ).
AAIE-1*Inventory Service Interface

An interface to create, update, query, and delete resource information and relationships.

AAI REST API Documentation

MSBE-1*Micro Service Bus InterfaceAn interface for registration and discovery with the ONAP Micro Service Bus.Microservice Bus API Documentation
etsicatalogAPIE1~4Modelling Tosca Parser Interfaces and catalog interfacesAn interface for the Tosca Parser from Modelling project to parse the NS and VNF Descriptors.Etsicatalog API Document
DCAE-DESDCAE Service ComponentsAn interface for DataLake Exposure Service Rest APIs

DCAE R8 M2 Architecture Review

*Current description is based on Guilin documentation, will be updated accordingly if correspondent API update in Honolulu.

3. Component Description:

Usecase-UI  is a web application which contains  three parts: 

  • Usecase-UI GUI
  • Usecase-UI Server
  • Usecase-UI NLP Server(from I Release)

4. known system limitations

Now the component Redundancy and scaling depends on Kubernetes.

5. Used Models

Usecase-UI use the following models:

  • TOSCA  - VNF Descriptor/NS Descriptor  ETSI NFV SOL001  v2.4.1 & v2.5.1

6. System Deployment Architecture

Usecase-UI consists of 5 containers:

  • Usecase-UI-Operator Portal

  • Usecase-UI-Operator Server

  • Usecase-UI-Customer Portal
  • Usecase-UI-Customer Backend
  • Usecase-UI-NLP Server(from H Release)

7. New Release Capabilities

The Istanbul Release supports three capabilities:   

  1. IBN module:  Usecase UI will support kinds of service of intent management, such as creation, delete, deactivationvia adding a new “Intent-based Services” page
  2. IBN module:  Usecase UI will support the monitoring of intent-instance via adding a new monitoring page
  3. E2E Slicing: Usecase UI will support the binding of intent-instance and slicing business ID

8. References

Usecase-UI Installation & User Guide: usecase-ui docs

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