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Topics, Notes, and Follow-Up Tasks

Release / Branching Strategy
  • Amsterdam doc project branch created and tracking updates in any other repo providing documentation  that has an Amsterdam branch. For those that did not have an Amsterdam branch, we are using head of the master branch as of ~11/24 4pm EST.
  • Project repos that still need to be tagged:
  • Where Amsterdam changes are expected and should be automatically published when merged, an Amsterdam branch may be created.
  • Both master and amsterdam are being published at read the docs.  The default when someone enter is master and the the developer wiki download link currently points to master.    Should we change this?

  • Each PTL committer for the repos list in column 2, to identify the hash and create a release branch "amsterdam".
  • Sync up the doc project amsterdam branch submodule references with created amsterdam branches,  DOC-210 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Switch DW download link to RTD amsterdam when branches above are completed Rich Bennett   

Naming Standard

SDC and Modeling are using 1.1.0 - is this acceptable - should we just have one naming convention?

Questions to be answered whenever the TSC votes to create a named release:

  1. where do residual improvements go for Amsterdam
  2. where do major new changes go for Beijing
  3. when do we start merging the # 2 changes to master.

We can probably accommodate different names for (#1) and/or some delay to starting #2 as long as everyone has the same view a timeline.   Is there isn’t a better way use tags, eg

  1. on the RC dates…. A  Release Candidate tag is placed on every repo within a very short time by LF (< 1 hour),
  2. tests proceed using only tagged candidate versions
  3. If major tests fail, fix and goto the next RC (step 1)
  4. Declare a release from the last RC tags
  5. if / when any change is needed, a branch is created from the last RC tag

Topic for lessons learned at Santa Clara F2F? Gregory Glover

  • Forward these issue notes to Gildas for discussion

Touch base with OpenNFV / other Open Source projects?

Test Lab

Create for HEAT and OOM:  Ticket OPENLABS-75 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Wiki "Test" System

Need to create sandbox for developers, SEs, architects to look at E2E system / Cross-component interactions

  • How complete does the Wiki version need to be?
  • Blocked by need for continuous deployment servers
Wiki discussion forum vs. Change Controlled content on rtd

Migration of existing Change-Controlled content from the wiki:

  • Setting Up ONAP
  • Integrating with ONAP
  • Using ONAP
  • Architecture
  • Documenting ONAP
  • Developing ONAP

Establishing other structure for

  • Discussion forum
  • Submitting edits / problems with existing content
  • Process for doing the above

DOC-179 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Start with (oom kubernetes,  quickstart, heat template ), set example / define a best practice for collecting/refining documentation on wiki, following a process with wiki labels, JIRA tickets, etc that keeps everyone aware of state and transition to change controlled documentation in gerrit
  • What needs to change for the latest vFW instructions? Eric Debeau

Add to F2F forum topics Gregory Glover

Structure Clean-Up
  • Developing ONAP:   Structure and Headings clean-up
New JIRA Issue
Carrier Grade
  • "Carrier Grade" usability - what does that mean for Documentation?
  • Insuring standards/consistency across projects (e.g. terminology, monitoring, clustering)
  • Usability (e.g. Designer, VNF Providers, Operations)
New JIRA Issue
  • Differentiate:
  2. HealthCheck API
  3. Components API (eg Java class API)
New JIRA Issue

Modeling team responsible

  • Definitions to RsT
  • Indexing / tagging to enable Searching

Address during Release 2

Create JIRA issue - Greg follow up

Tooling / Utilities documentation

How to:

  • Gerrit guide
  • Guidelines (Builds, etc.)
  • Utilities:  Jenkins, Conversion tools (e.g. LFPandocs)

New JIRA Issue
(LF pursuing Quarter 3, 2018)