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AAI (Available and Active Inventory):

1. High Level Component Definition and Architectural Relationships 

The AAI (Available and active inventory) function provides real-time views of the resource and services in managed by and their relationships.  It provides

  • Realtime views of the managed resources and services and their relationships

  • The relevance of the managed resources and services to the ONAP components.

  • It is a registry of the active, available and assigned assets.

  • It maintains a multidimentional relationship amongst the managed services and resources. 

  • It provides interfaces for canned and ad-hoc complex network topology queries

2. API definitions

AAI provides the following interfaces:

Interface NameInterface Definition Interface CapabilitiesVersionStatusAPI Spec (Swagger)
AAIE-1Inventory Service Interface. CRUD & Queries  An interface to create, update, retrieve, query, delete the service, resources and relationship inventory information for:
  • Cloud infrastructure (including cloud infrastructure regions and availability zones, cloud infrastructure resources such as servers, storage, VLANs, cloud network technologies,...)
  • Paths and connectors
  • Business Customers and business customer relationship to managed assets
  • Service Instances (including the relationship to used resources)
  • Resource instances (including allotted resources) (virtual and physical, including VNFs, PNFs, Switches, VNF modules)
  • External systems (systems that ONAP connects to)
  • Images
  • Networks
  • Infrastructure tenants
  • Relationships
  • Interfaces
  • IP addresses
  • Configurations
  • Licenses
  • Site resources

AAI provides multiple interfaces to use canned queries, dynamic queries (DSL), and CRUD operations (Resources)







 AAIE-2AAI Graphical User Interfaces Provides the capability to view the inventory 

Note:   xxxI interface is a Component internal interface.  xxxxE interface is a component external interface

The current API documents can be found at:

AAI consumes the following Interfaces:

Interface NamePurpose Reason For UseAPI Spec (Swagger)
SDCE-6To receive the service and resource artifacts from SDC.


Interface Details

AAI REST API Documentation - Istanbul

3. Component Description:

A more detailed figure and description of the component.

For Above: 

The above red boxes indicate everything no longer deployed in Istanbul, being in maintenance mode.

For Istanbul A&AI continued to retire non-core mS which had little community contribution or interest, the following were newly put into maintenance for Istanbul:  Event-client

Release Artifacts

Release Components Name

Components Name

Components Repository name

Maven Group ID

Components Description

aai-commonaai/aai-commonorg.onap.aai.aai-commonThis holds the model, annotations and common modules used across the Resources and Traversal micro services
data-routeraai/ Micro Service used to route/persist AAI event data for consumption by the UI
logging-serviceaai/logging-serviceorg.onap.aai.logging-serviceAAI common logging library
model-loaderaai/model-loaderorg.onap.aai.model-loaderLoads SDC Models into A&AI
resourcesaai/resourcesorg.onap.aai.resourcesAAI Resources Micro Service providing CRUD REST APIs for inventory resources
rest-clientaai/ for making REST calls
router-coreaai/router-coreorg.onap.aai.router-coreLibrary containing the core camel components for the data router
search-data-serviceaai/ for persisting data to a search database
sparky-beaai/sparky-beorg.onap.aai.sparky-beAAI user interface back end
sparky-feaai/sparky-feorg.onap.aai.sparky-feAAI user interface front end
test-configaai/test-configorg.onap.aai.test-configRepository containing test configuration for use in continuous integration

AAI Traversal Micro Service providing REST APIs for traversal/search of inventory resources


AAI Microservice to generate AAI model XML from SDC TOSCA CSAR artifacts




ESR backend, mainly include the function of external system reachable check and data pretreatment




External system management ui

event-clientaai/event-clientorg.onap.aai.event-clientLibrary to manage interactions with an event bus
graphadminaai/graphadminorg.onap.aai.graphadminMicroservice with various functions for graph management
cacheraai/cacherorg.onap.aai.cacherThe Response Caching Microservice (Cacher) is built to deliver multiple mechanisms of making API calls and populating the responses into a JSON datastore
validationaai/validationorg.onap.aai.validationMicroservice used to invoke validation mechanism
schema-serviceaai/schema-serviceorg.onap.aai.schema-serviceMicroservice to provide centralized run-time schema information for AAI's microservice


aai/graphgraphorg.onap.aai.graphgraphMicroservice used to provide view of AAI model, schema and edge rules


aai/oomorg.onap.aai.oomAAI's helm chart repo, is a submodule of the oom project, but will be brought back into the main project in the Guilin release.  This will need to remain open for as long as Frankfurt and El Alto are supported and then can be locked.
spikeaai/spikeorg.onap.aai.spikeMicroservice used to generate events describing changes to the graph data (deprecated)
tabular-data-serviceaai/tabular-data-serviceorg.onap.aai.tabular-data-serviceMicroservice which serves as an abstraction layer to a tabular data store (deprecated)
gapaai/gaporg.onap.aai.gapA get and publish microservice  which extracts entities from A&AI and publishes them to an event topic (deprecated)
eisaai/eisorg.onap.aai.eisMicroservice used to manage entity identities across systems (deprecated)


aai/chameleonorg.onap.aai.chameleonAbstraction service for historical database (deprecated)


aai/gallifreyorg.onap.aai.gallifreyTransformation service between AAI-modelled data, operations and gallifrey representation (deprecated)
enricheraai/enricherorg.onap.aai.enricherEnables complementing AT&T data with federated data from additional sources (deprecated)
aai-serviceaai/aai-serviceorg.onap.aai.serviceAAI REST based services (deprecated)
aai-configaai/aai-configorg.onap.aai.aai-configAAI Chef cookbooks
aai-dataaai/aai-dataorg.onap.aai.aai-dataAAI Chef environment files (deprecated)
gizmoaai/gizmoorg.onap.aai.gizmoCRUD Rest API endpoint for resources and relationships, delivering atomic interactions with the graph for improved scalability. (deprecated)
champaai/champorg.onap.aai.champAbstraction from underlying graph storage systems that A&AI would interface with.(deprecated)

4. known system limitations

5. Used Models

AAI uses the following models:

  • Inventory Model

6. System Deployment Architecture

See component section.

7. New Capabilities in this Release

This release, AAI adds the following Capabilities:

8. References

  1. AAI REST API Documentation - Istanbul

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