ESR (External System Register):

1 High Level Component Definition and Architectural Relationships 

Provides management of external Systems.  It provides

  • The capability to register exernal systems

  • The capability to test the health of external systems

  • Update AAI of the status of external systems

  • Provide GUI to manage external systems

2. API definitions

ESR provides the following interfaces:

Interface NameInterface Definition Interface Capabilities
ESRE-1System Register Interface. An manage the registration of external systems:
  • VIM register/query/update/delete
  • VNFM register/query/update/delete
  • EMS register/query/update/delete
  • third party SDC register/query/update/delete
 ESRE-2ESR Graphical User Interfaces Provides a GUI interface to manage the external system register information

Note:   xxxI interface is a Component internal interface.  xxxxE interface is a component external interface

The current API documents can be found at:

ESR consumes the following Interfaces:

Interface NamePurpose Reason For Use
AAIE-1 (Inventary service)To store and retrieve external system register information in the inventory.
MCE-5 (Infra Provider Registery) interfaceTo inform MC of the registration of a new VIM 

3. Component Description:

A more detailed figure and description of the component.

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4. known system limitations

  •  -

5. Used Models

ESR uses the following models:

  • -

6. System Deployment Architecture

ESR consists of 1 containers:

  • ESR server container

7. New Capabilities in this Release

This release, ESR adds the following Capabilities:

  • The ability to register and delete the cloud region via the ESR GUI
  • Ability to read the status of the multicloud multicloud registration/deregistration process
  • The ability to register multiple tennants for a cloud region
  • Enhance ESR to support kubernetes based cloud regions

8. References

  1.  ESR Desciption: 

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  1. How does an S-VNFM register?  Is it still via Multi-Cloud?  

  2. Hi Rebecca, In Dublin, an S-VNFM is registered to the ESR through the ESR GUI and/or command line, no Multi-Cloud was involved for the S-VNFM registration. Then ESR stores the registered info to A&AI. The VNFM Adapter queries the VNFM info from A&AI.

    Please take a look at the VNFM registration sequence diagram at